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Biyun recently developed green planting "small toys" such as wild mushroom and wild tea, which can not only be used as small gifts and toys, but also develop children's hands-on ability and thinking, and are naturally harmless and safe to eat, making contributions to the cause of environmental protection

blue cloud | draw into the bright window, and watch the blue cloud through the veil

the soul of the biyunbrand is genuinely& kindly& Integrity

I. famous enterprise show brand introduction

Company Name: Guangdong Biyun group

brand name: Guangdong Biyun

brand founder: Wen Jiyou

brand creation time: June 2000

main product series: screen door and window series, door and window curtain wall series, safety protection series, environmental technology series Enterprise management philosophy of agricultural and forestry products:

customer-centered - we focus on meeting or exceeding customers' expectations for our products and services

driven by products – we develop innovative quality products and efficient solutions

based on employees - we firmly believe that strong employees make the enterprise strong, and good employees make the enterprise develop well

enterprise introduction:

Guangdong Biyun was established in Guangzhou in June 2000. It is a comprehensive diversified enterprise group integrating research and development, production and manufacturing, engineering projects and national chains. It has nearly 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries, production plants and more than 100 branches all over China

Guangdong Biyun's products and services include screen doors and windows, safety railings, door and window curtain walls, fashion home furnishings, building materials, agriculture, forestry and minerals, energy conservation and environmental technology, supply chain trading platforms, public welfare and charity funds. After years of development, Guangdong Biyun has established a strong and stable R & D, production, sales, management team and a strong and stable supplier partner; With stable customer resources all over China, the Middle East, Africa and other countries, it is the core strategic partner and excellent supplier of real estate groups such as Evergrande real estate; And won a number of national, provincial and municipal honorary certificates and product patents. Guangdong Biyun has always adhered to the corporate culture of "sincerity, kindness and integrity" and the business philosophy of win-win cooperation. With the core interests of customers as its mission, it provides reliable products and thoughtful services to customers and partners nationwide and globally

(image of Biyun franchised store)

II. Famous enterprise show | product introduction

create three generations of gauze doors and windows and create a first-class brand of doors and windows

gauze doors and windows have already entered ordinary people's homes. With the strengthening of people's awareness of health, environmental protection, energy conservation and so on, Biyun gauze doors and windows are increasingly widely used in residences, office places and various types of factories and hotels. Reduce the harm of mosquitoes to human body and the spread of diseases, and create a natural, comfortable and healthy space for work, study and life

Biyun screen window series products

the first generation of screen doors and windows (popular level: Universal)

positioning: the screen doors and windows of ordinary people's homes are popular and practical, belonging to the level of household necessities

at present, there are more than 100 kinds of Biyun's first generation of screen doors and windows, including Australian roll back, Korean window, Chinese flat open, European push-pull, Japanese fold

fold, Hong Kong window ribbon yarn, etc., humanized design, practical and convenient, It can meet the collocation of any door and window in the world

Biyun is selling yarn doors and windows all over the world, adding classic charm to the home

the second generation of yarn doors and windows (presidential level: luxury)

positioning: the yarn doors and windows of the presidential house are luxurious and luxurious, belonging to the level of artistic decorations

modern exquisite workmanship, perfectly integrating quality and style, creating an elegant lifestyle and creating a new artistic lifestyle

taste, Let your home have a grand reason

Biyun is about to launch more top-level luxury yarn doors and windows to meet diversified taste needs

the third generation of yarn doors and windows (cutting-edge level: scientific and technological)

positioning: yarn doors and windows with high-tech content and high added value are the trend of global yarn doors and windows in the future

breaking the conventional thinking and showing changeable space, Let high quality drive intelligent and healthy lifestyle

infrared automatic induction yarn doors and windows, photocatalyst yarn doors and windows, electric yarn doors and windows, insect control yarn doors and windows, alarm yarn doors and windows

let yarn doors and windows also be able to kill mosquitoes, guard against theft, automatically block rain, intelligent alarm, purify the air

Biyun is strengthening the research and development of yarn doors and windows to create a perfect customized home for you

Biyun contains multiple categories of anti mosquito screen door and window series Safety fence series, curtain wall sunshine room series, environmental protection mosquito and insect repellent device series. Its products embody a sense of innovation and fashion, showing high-end, practical, fashionable and high-tech. they are suitable for cooperation with various customers such as agents, projects, channels, and centralized procurement. Guangdong Biyun provides customers with a product portfolio model, which combines Biyun's marketing portfolio model to solve the confusion of the industry in the slack and peak seasons and solve the industry problems of sales fluctuations caused by the downturn of real estate. Biyun's printing screen window, anti-theft screen window and electronic induction door have attracted the attention of many customers, which can let consumers experience the performance of anti-theft screen window and the convenience brought by intelligent products

Biyun screen window is not only designed for mosquito and insect prevention, but also integrates science and technology, environmental protection, art and other added values, breaking the traditional application function of screen door and window (just like lighting, it is not only to meet the needs of lighting). Biyun screen window actively adapts to the needs of modern architectural decoration and social development and progress, and is the largest and professional screen door and window group in China and even the world at present. At present, there are nearly 100 kinds of screen doors and windows in five categories: scientific and technological, artistic, luxury general-purpose, advanced practical and ordinary economic. They are suitable for the needs of different regions and levels across the country and the world, and can meet the choices of various decorative styles and door and window structures

III. famous enterprise show | high level dialogue

creating customer value, the foundation of brand development

interview guest: wenjiyou, chairman of Guangdong Biyun group

Guangdong Biyun created the first brand of screen window. Along the 16th anniversary, it has always adhered to the principle of "genuine products and real materials, sincere services". Because of this, compared with products with the same price in the market, Biyun screen window has a better understanding of raw materials, style design, production The installation and after-sales control are more rigorous and demanding, so that customers can use higher quality yarn doors and windows. These successful experiences all include the painstaking efforts and tireless pursuit of Biyun people

(Xiaoqiao Liushui Office)

quality first, integrity-based, and innovation

President Wen: as an excellent strategic partner of Evergrande real estate, Guangdong Biyun group has been a supplier of Evergrande real estate for six consecutive years. Now we also take shares in Evergrande football club, vigorously support the development of China's sports industry, and are the sponsor of the Chinese Football Association Super League. We have always provided excellent environmental protection products to our users. Our assembled balcony railings, indoor window railings and other products are controlled from the source, and we are proud that our products meet and exceed national standards

our product innovation has been greatly improved. For example, the bearing capacity of railing products is only one third of that of traditional products, and the problem of no rust is solved. The products are more portable and beautiful. The important thing is that the construction speed is 2-3 times higher than that of traditional products. Evergrande real estate has adopted Biyun's products in all real estate projects across the country, and has formed strategic partnerships with large domestic real estate groups such as Vanke and Zhongnan holdings. Our product research and development are based on the fundamental improvement and innovation of "creating customer value". Our Biyun products use high-quality raw materials, and through reasonable division of labor, resource allocation and rapid service, we have won the affirmation and trust of real estate developers, developers, builders and consumers across the country

China aluminum doors and windows: Biyun products include many categories: mosquito screen door and window series, safety fence series, door and window curtain wall sunshine room series, environmental protection mosquito and insect repellent device series, etc. At present, the transformation of doors and windows of second-hand houses puts forward higher requirements for the safety of windows. Has Biyun made any product adjustments in this market field

President Wen: now the building floors are getting higher and higher, and the safety performance of windows is particularly important. In addition to appearance, performance and other indicators of product quality, safety protection, environmental protection, low carbon, energy conservation and so on have also become the key research and development directions of Biyun products. The essence of safety is humanization. The service life of Biyun doors and windows is much longer than that of traditional doors and windows. Improving the safety and practical performance of products is the foundation of development, and it is also one of our responsibilities as an enterprise

improve product added value and customer use value

China aluminum doors and windows: with the improvement of social awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of China's environmental protection system, environmental protection will be an untouchable red line in the development of doors and windows and home furnishing industry. In this regard, Biyun, as an upstream door and window enterprise, has always maintained a clear understanding. So how will your company carry out its work in actual operation

president Wen: Biyun products have different positioning at each stage. Our screen doors and windows are roughly divided into three categories. The first type is called general-purpose screen door and window. At present, there are about 100 kinds of such screens, which can meet the matching selection and use of any door and window in the world and the country. The decorative effect of the company's second-generation screen door and window is very good. The third-generation screen door and window that the company is developing is positioned to take the road of high technology and high added value. It can kill cockroaches and mosquitoes, purify the air, automatically close in rain, and guard against theft, Our research department is using German technology to develop an air purification screen called PM2.5, which can purify the air with our environmentally friendly screen. It has created a series of high-tech and high value-added products, bringing more prospects and business opportunities

China aluminum doors and windows: the whole door and window industry is still an industry with low attention, so the popularity and reputation of a brand have a great impact on the competitiveness of the whole enterprise. In 2016, Biyun actively invested in advertisements such as highways, football venues, and the Internet. What is the strategic significance of this approach? Will there be other promotion plans next

President Wen: in the process of brand building, Biyun mainly starts from two aspects: first, "strive to create customer value", with "user thinking", that is, truly from the perspective of customers, put customer needs and interests in the first place, and create more valuable things for Biyun consumers. We are not just making products, but providing a better living environment. Recently, we have cooperated with scientific research institutions to develop green planting "small toys" such as Biyun wild mushroom and wild tea, which can not only be used as small gifts and toys, but also develop children's hands-on ability and thinking, and are naturally harmless and safe to eat, making contributions to the cause of environmental protection. So the products we develop are really based on creating more value for customers and increasing





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