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Recently, Shandong Chenming Paper Group Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in China's paper industry, successfully developed coated paper for the needs of the publishing and printing industry, and passed the technical appraisal that may affect the success or failure of the experiment and the experience of the experiment itself in any aspect of provincial technology, thus filling the domestic gap

with the economic globalization and China's entry into the WTO approaching, the competition in the papermaking and printing industry is gradually tending to internationalization. At the same time, in order to adapt to the rapid development of advertising and color printing in China's newspaper industry and win the initiative in international competition, Shandong Chenming Paper Group decided to make a comprehensive consideration on energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. Coated paper is a high-grade paper product produced by coating process on ordinary paper. With the advantage of lifelike picture, it is especially suitable for color printing. Before that, China was totally dependent on imports. In order to meet this market demand, the group has recently organized technical forces to tackle key problems, successfully developed this product with a unique process, and successfully passed the technical appraisal, thus filling the domestic gap. On this basis, they used a full set of imported belt machine internal coating and soft calendering technology, and all of them used the computer-controlled "4550" paper machine for mass production

after it was put on the market, users unanimously reported that the product has high whiteness, smoothness and opacity, moderate ink absorption and clear picture, which can be completely comparable with imported products. In particular, after the company's recent extension and development of "commercial coating paper for navigation wheel" was put into trial print in Beijing, it has been unanimously recognized for its clear graphics and bright luster, including precision thermoplastic extrusion, secondary processing, silica gel manufacturing and assembly, and fine texture. Users generally believe that its quality level is higher than that of similar Japanese products, and the printing cost is greatly reduced. The successful development of this product is of great significance to the upgrading of China's paper products and the improvement of the level of newspapers and periodicals

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