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Dow Chemical Company's epoxy resin price rise

Dow Chemical Company's epoxy resin and intermediate business announced to increase the selling price of its epoxy resin in the United States and Canada from May 15 this year, or as permitted by the contract terms

the selling price of liquid and solid epoxy resin, solid solution epoxy resin and brominated epoxy resin increased by US $0.07 per pound. Ethylene glycol epoxy resin and phenolic epoxy resin increased by US $0.1 per pound. The prices of other special epoxy resin products are also increased according to different product grades. Similar sales price adjustments will be announced in Europe and North America

since may1,2005, Dow Europe has raised prices for products including all levels of low-density polyethylene resin and high-density polyethylene resin, dowlex brand polyethylene resin, attane brand ultra-low density polyethylene copolymer, elite brand polyethylene resin and ASPUN brand fiber resin to ensure the normal working capacity of the experimental machine

Dow Chemical's epoxy resin and intermediate business announced that starting from May 1 this year, or the date allowed by the terms of the contract, the price of glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) produced by its subspring testing machine in Taiqu will be increased by 8% according to the skill requirements regulated by the technical conditions of the spring tension and compression testing machine. Dow announced a similar price adjustment in North America earlier

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