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The quotation of Dongguan plastic market rebounds

affected by the current off-season, the overall production situation of plastic processing enterprises in Dongguan is still not optimistic. Many large and medium-sized injection molding plants have reduced production, and the transaction is relatively cold. There is news: the quotation of the hard rubber market in Hong Kong continues to rise. Good entrepreneurial projects often make big detours due to small mistakes. ". Transactions are relatively active. The market continues to rise. The reaction of traders in Zhangmutou market to the rebound in Hong Kong market has changed, and the raw material quotation has rebounded

it has been confirmed by insiders that the styrene monomer manufacturers such as Korea and Japan shut down the power supply, and the market supply is insufficient. The price of styrene in the Asian market continued to rise. Hong Kong SM monomer has increased by $100/ton. Zhangmutou traders have therefore raised the price of raw materials. The transaction price of Taihua ABS 15a1 was 8800 yuan/ton (excluding tax, the same below), an increase of 200 yuan/ton over the previous day. Domestic ABS is affected, but it has a price advantage, so traders rush to buy it. The market is quite flexible

Engineering Plastics: the quotation of Bayer PC 2805 was 18750 yuan/ton, down 1500 yuan/ton from last Wednesday; Us Ge PC 141R-111 quoted 19500 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton from last week; Japan Dow PC quotation 17900/ton; 100 yuan/ton lower than last week

pa6 the quotation of Toray 1017 is 15700 yuan/ton; The quotation of Japan Yubu 1013b is 17200 yuan/ton; The quotation of PA66 Asahi 1300s is 17400 yuan/ton

pmma Asahi 560f is quoted at 16500 yuan/ton; The quotation of Taiwan Chimei cm211 is 15800 yuan/ton; The quotation of Mitsubishi V001 in Japan is 16000 yuan/ton

pom South Korea f offers 14000 yuan, and the special design allows the seller to quickly complete the packaging of yuan/ton; Tali steel fm090 quoted 14050 yuan/ton, up 150 yuan/ton from last week

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