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Donghua University is developing PI fiber to replace P84 fiber, which has a significant price advantage. Zhangqinghua, deputy dean of preheating of School of materials science and engineering of Donghua University, said that P84 fiber is a representative polyimide fiber product abroad, and the PI fiber being developed by Donghua University is expected to replace P84 fiber dimension

zhangqinghua made the above remarks at the 19th China International Chemical fiber Conference (Tongxiang 2013) held on June 6

p84 fiber is mainly used for high temperature dust removal. P84 fiber dust bag is mainly used in asphalt mixing, cement kiln, waste incineration and other industries. PPS fiber or glass fiber is often added to reduce the cost when P84 fiber is woven into a dust removal bag

he explained that compared with P84, the characteristics of PI fiber in China have the advantages of both performance and price. In order to improve the spinnability, diisocyanate was added to the raw material of P84 fiber, which resulted in that the thermal stability of P84 fiber was lower than that of PI fiber, and PI fiber had a longer replacement cycle; The first monomer of P84 uses ketone anhydride, and the market price is about 0 million yuan/ton with lower comprehensive strength, while PI fiber uses homogeneous anhydride, and the market price is only 70 thousand yuan/ton, which has obvious price advantages

however, he also said that Pi fiber still faces certain challenges. For example, the process is complex, there is no reference technology, and the market recognition is low

listed companies related to high-temperature filter materials: Fujian Nanfang (), Sanwei silk (30005 many enterprises are worried about the quality of domestic special metal materials)

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