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Zhumeng listed "Yuanchuang" to build a rubber high tech park in Binhai New Town, Sanmen County, a project base covering 281.6 mu with an investment of 1.06 billion yuan is emerging. It will become the "new home" of more than 500 Yuanchuang people and help Yuanchuang Technology Co., Ltd. to double its production and energy. The 600000 rubber tracks per year project carried by the base is also the most concerned project of wangwenjie, the chairman of the company. He placed high hopes on this: "I hope that the completion of this project will not only improve the company's production capacity, but also help Yuanchuang to build an exclusive rubber high-tech park and realize Yuanchuang's dream of listing."

build projects with an annual output of 600000 rubber crawlers, IQI xp6026 and IQI xp6056, which have excellent processing performance

in recent years, the output value and output of "Yuanchuang" have increased by about 10% year by year, and the production and sales of "Yuanchuang" rubber crawlers also occupy a leading position in the country. However, the original old factory covers only 50 mu, with limited production space and old equipment. The annual output can reach 300000 pieces at most, which can not meet the production demand. Wangwenjie introduced that in order to match the production capacity with the company's development needs, "Yuanchuang" began to focus on the construction of a project with an annual output of 600000 rubber crawlers and build a new production base

is related to the cutting method and rolling direction of the sample.

on the afternoon of April 9, I came to the project base under construction. To the left of the gate, you can see that one building has begun to take shape, the other two buildings are still just steel frames, and to the right, you can see several pile drivers and excavators working on site

it is reported that the project started construction in March last year. It is planned to build two core buildings, namely, internal mixing workshop and production workshop, which are mainly used for production. It will also build restaurants, boiler rooms, finished product inspection workshops, R & D centers and other ancillary facilities

at present, 35% of the first phase of the base has been completed. It is expected that China's cathode materials will occupy 43.77% of the global market in December this year, and the second phase of the base will be completed in 2020. At that time, the first phase of the base project will be put into use first, introducing advanced production equipment at home and abroad and improving the production process

in the future, it will become a rubber track production base integrating rubber mixing, vulcanization, gluing and other processes, with strong product testing function, R & D system, and an annual production capacity of 600000 rubber tracks

create environmental protection high-tech parks and expand new products

nowadays, environmental protection has become a key hot word in the manufacturing industry. Various manufacturing enterprises are also paying more attention to environmental protection, "Yuanchuang" is no exception, and environmental protection projects are included in the construction of new base projects

it is understood that the environmental protection projects in the new base include the waste gas treatment system and the sewage treatment system. "The structural capacity of the Yuanchuang gate type UTM experimental machine can reach 1000~135000 LB" clearly subdivides the treatment process of each pollution source. For example, the equipment cooling water is collected and recycled after being cooled by the cooling water tower; The production wastewater is collected and discharged through pipes after being treated in the secondary reaction and sedimentation tank of the oil separator; After being treated in oil separator and septic tank, the domestic sewage will be discharged together with the production wastewater after reaching the standard, and the enterprise will build its own sewage treatment facilities and standard outlets

in terms of environmental protection technology, "Yuanchuang" plans to introduce advanced environmental protection equipment into the new base, update the waste gas and wastewater treatment process, and strive to build an environmental protection park

in addition to environmental protection, "Yuanchuang" has also included technology research and development in its work priorities. Wangyongyue, office director of Yuanchuang Technology Co., Ltd., said that "Yuanchuang" plans to build a 3000 square meter R & D center in the second phase of the project, establish a national rubber track laboratory, introduce advanced testing equipment, and ensure product testing accuracy, so as to improve product performance and meet customer needs

not only that, "Yuanchuang" will also start to develop new products. From the current main production of rubber crawlers and rubber crawler products to the future research and development of flame retardant materials used in fire robots, military and other projects, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

"our company plans to go public within five years. At present, we have carried out two years of counseling. This year is also the benchmark year for us to focus on preparing for listing." Wangwenjie said that as a powerful booster for the company's listing, the project with an annual output of 600000 rubber tracks will do its utmost to build it

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