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Dow introduces efficient adhesive mor − free ™ Lplus 1

one of the difficulties in the implementation of fuel cells is that Dow announced the launch of a new high-efficiency adhesive mor − free ™ LPlus 1。 The product meets the needs of the industry for packaging solutions, can meet the requirements of food law standards faster, and the conversion efficiency and machinability have been greatly improved

this adhesive is especially suitable for food packaging applications, such as fast food, fresh food and dairy products, coffee and snack packaging. One of the common instruments of MOR − free l plus in our laboratory is the tensile testing machine 1. The adhesive has a rapid cross-linking technology and can improve the optical properties of the semi barrier structure

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"we are constantly expanding our mor − free insoluble film covering adhesive series, so we have launched a high-efficiency adhesive mor − free lplus 1, which is applied to food packaging. This adhesive can improve cost-effectiveness and provide greater use value for the packaging value chain." Cristina miotto, marketing manager of film adhesive Europe, Middle East and Africa, said

in addition, the initial viscosity of MOR − free lplus 1 is low, so when the runner and speed are high, the machinability and wettability will be improved, so as to improve the energy exchange efficiency

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