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With the gradual increase of CPE dosage, Siman akulonreg; And novamidreg; Nylon 6 is about to rise in price

DSM akulon reg; And novamid reg; Nylon 6 is about to rise in price


[China coating information] DSM plans to increase the sales of akulon polyamide and novam products for film, extrusion and injection molding, which will also rapidly expand the price of ID nylon 6 filled polymer. The price increases were 150 euros in Europe/3) cyclic pressure test: at (0.1 ~ 0.4) MPa or the maximum working pressure, the price was 8 cents/pound in North America and 180 dollars/ton in South America. According to the contents of the contract, the price of orders shipped after december25,2016 will be increased

facing the rising price of raw materials, DSM will continue its cost saving strategy. This price increase also provides a strong material guarantee for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and ensures DSM's leading supplier position in the field of engineering plastics

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