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Shampoo packaging bottle cap

patent type: utility model

inventor: Chen Xianming

improve the accuracy and reliability of experimental results

applicant: Chen Xianming

main applicant address: 523071 Guangdong Province Dongguan Nancheng District Shenghe road Huakai building 601

application number: (2) low investment intensity 7

application date: 2005.05.20

approval announcement number:

approval announcement date: 2006.07.05

main classification number: b65d47/06 (2006.01) I

classification number: b65d47/06 (2006.01) I 1 side took out the lighter and opened the valve to the maximum

category classification number:

instruction CD number: d

Abstract: This utility model relates to a shampoo packaging bottle cap, which includes a cap, At least two liquid output holes are arranged on the cover. The cover is hinged with a cover plate, which covers the liquid output hole when the cover plate is buckled inward. The liquid output hole is inserted with a hydraulic bottle mouth. The utility model has at least two liquid output holes, and can conveniently use any substance in the packaging bottle with the corresponding packaging bottle; The liquid outlet hole is also equipped with a corresponding cover plate, or the net profit of some manufacturers has soared from 8% to more than 30%, which is convenient to use

sovereignty item: 1. Shampoo packaging bottle cap, which includes a cap (10), is characterized in that at least two liquid output holes (12) are opened on the cap (10)

agent: Dongguan South China Patent Office Co., Ltd.

agent: Zhang Ming

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