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How to distinguish glass mosaic from crystal mosaic

in our home decoration, we often use products made of glass materials for decoration, and glass mosaic is also a common glass product in decoration, which is widely used in swimming pools, cinemas, kindergartens and many other occasions. Glass mosaic is made of natural minerals and glass powder, which is the safest building material and outstanding environmental protection material. It is acid-base resistant, corrosion-resistant, and fadeless. It is the most suitable building material for decorating the walls and floors of bathroom rooms. There are many kinds of glass mosaics, including colorless and transparent, colored and translucent, with gold and silver spots, patterns or strips, and the tariff is mainly 25%; (5) Kraft paper. The front is glossy, smooth and delicate; There are rough grooves on the back, so that it is easy to paste with mortar. So people often compare glass mosaic with crystal mosaic, so how to distinguish between them? Next, let's introduce the method of distinguishing glass mosaic and crystal mosaic. Please read it down and watch it:

first, judge from the difference of sound

you can gently flick the surface of the mosaic with your hand. The computer screen emitted by the crystal mosaic shows that the experimental force and experimental curve sound is crisp, just like the impact of metal, and there is a lingering feeling that the sound of the glass mosaic is dull, And there was no reply

second, distinguish according to the degree of weight

generally speaking, for two mosaics of the same size and thickness, the weight of the crystal mosaic is heavier and the hand feel is heavier

third, judging from the difference in refractive index

under the same light, the refractive index of crystal mosaic is much higher than that of glass products. At the same time, crystal mosaic can transmit seven rainbow light, and glass products do not have this characteristic

IV. judgment of installation hardness

there is no doubt that the effectiveness of crystal mosaic is higher than that of glass mosaic. If you use crystal mosaic to scratch the surface of glass mosaic, you will leave a trace, while when you use glass to scratch crystal, there will be no trace. Now let's take a look at how to maintain and protect the use of the experimental machine

after reading the above content, we must have a more accurate judgment method for how to distinguish between glass mosaic and crystal mosaic. Glass mosaic and crystal mosaic look similar, but their respective materials and characteristics are different. These two products are often accessible in our life, The scope of application is also very broad. The exquisite appearance, high quality and safety of quality have become the leaders in the decoration industry. I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you

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