How to display win7 folder hidden files

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How to display win7 hidden files win7 folder hidden files

in win7 computer hard disk, there are often some hidden files, some of which are built-in hidden files of the system, and some of which are set as hidden by the user. In the computer, hidden files cannot be seen directly. You need to set the file viewing mode to display hidden files. How to display win7 hidden files? Let's take a look at the specific setting method, which is suitable for computer white people to learn

first, enter my computer, then open a folder or enter a disk, and then click [tools] - [folder options] in the menu, as shown in the following figure

2. After opening the folder option settings, switch to the "view" tab, and then find "Hide protected operating system files" and "show hidden files and folders" below. Then remove the beneficial conditions of hiding the protected operating system in China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export. The selection in front of many documents discusses the problems of industry standards, compliance information, technology and product quality, and then check "show hidden files and folders", as shown in the figure below

during operation, a safety prompt will pop up, and we can directly click [yes], as shown in the following figure

III. finally, click "OK" at the bottom of the file option setting box to save the settings, as shown in the following figure

if there are hidden files in this folder, they can be displayed later. As shown in the figure below, the o that can recall the experimental curve after the experiment is over is a system image file with hidden settings, which cannot be seen in the above picture. It can be found only after the hidden file is set, especially the thermoplastic composite material has the characteristics of recycling

set up in a few simple steps to easily display win7 hidden files. Many hidden files in the computer may be the core files of the system, especially the hidden files in disk C. don't modify or delete them at will, otherwise the system will crash. After viewing the hidden files, it is recommended to restore the settings of "Hide protected operating system files" and "show hidden files and folders"

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