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How to distinguish the true and false of 15 commonly used drugs from the outer packaging

fake drugs and inferior drugs seriously endanger the health of the people. The author consulted professionals on the identification of 15 commonly used drugs

1. Amoxicillin capsule

the handwriting on the authentic outer packaging box is clearly printed and shiny, the batch number on the aluminum-plastic plate is clear, the contents of the capsule are rough by hand, slightly bitter, with a strong penicillin smell by nose, and a stronger fire. The color of the powder is white or off white, and there is a sense of particles when you pinch it. The printing font of the fake outer package is rough, and the batch number on the aluminum-plastic plate is ambiguous. The contents of the capsule are smooth and tasteless by hand, and penicillin tastes weak or odorless by sniffing or burning

2. Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate tablets (Lijunsha tablets)

authentic products have no smooth feeling when touched by hand, and are flammable when burned, with oily substances exuding. The anti-counterfeiting logo of the new package is not easy to uncover, and a group of 21 digits can be seen on the surface of the new package. You can inquire whether it is true or false by checking: the fake product has a smooth feeling on the touch, the fire test is not easy to burn, and the sheet shape is easy to explode, and there is no oil leakage: the anti-counterfeiting logo of the new package is easy to uncover, and the number drawn after uncovering is less than 21 digits. Even if the number is 21 digits, there is no such batch number with inquiry

3. compound sulfamethoxazole tablets (compound sulfamethoxazole tablets)

the authentic taste is bitter first and then sweet, and it is flammable, and the oil flows like a cow's felt on fire. False taste is sweet first and then slightly bitter, or sweet, or bitter, and the fire has no authentic characteristics

4. Compound licorice tablets

from the label, the authentic content is complete, the handwriting is clear, the color is pure, and there is no typo. The contents of fake products are many and incomplete, and the printing quality is poor; The handwriting is not clear, the color is not correct, and there are even wrong words. In terms of appearance, the authentic product is brown, shiny, smelly, sweet, chewy and sticky, and easy to absorb moisture. The fake is brown black or grayish brown. How to choose one with thorns? It is not only satisfied with exciting smell, but also has no stickiness and moisture absorption

5. Di'ao Xinxuekang capsule

the authentic word "Di'ao" has bright metal luster, obvious hand touch bulge, and the contents of the capsule have a smell of wine. The fake "Di'ao" word has a dull metallic luster, and the bulge feeling is not obvious by hand touch, and the contents of the capsule have no alcohol smell

.6. Gynaecological Qianjin tablets

from the appearance of the box, the genuine is fruit green, and the fake is dark green. Observed with a fluorescent lamp (UV lamp or money detector), the flower basket in the fairy's hand of the genuine label shows orange red fluorescence under the lamp, and the Pinyin letters show blue fluorescence. The counterfeit has no such characteristics

7. Gastrodia elata

authentic: oval or long strip, yellow and white on the surface, with longitudinal lines and multiple rounds of horizontal ring lines arranged by latent buds, with residual stem base or terminal buds at one end and umbilical scars at the other end, hard, not easy to break, broken face, horny, slightly gas, sweet taste

fake: (1) potato tuber: there is no obvious link, and there is no circular scar at the bottom

(2) sweet potato: no spores at the top and no round scars at the bottom

(3) taro: residual scaly leaf base can be seen

(4) banana taro: there are 5-8 horizontal links on the surface, and fibrous root marks can be seen

(5) trichosanthin: it is rich in powder, and the Yellow duct can be seen in the cross section, which is also slightly radial

8.999 dermatitis flat ointment

the authentic packaging box is printed with laser anti-counterfeiting technology, such as the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the mobile small box scheduling officers at all levels. It can be seen that the words "999" and three-dimensional ring patterns printed on the box surface are retracted, and the colorful changes can be seen when rotating under the lamp; Take out the ointment, open the bottle cap, and the word "999" can be seen at the mouth of the bottle. The ointment is white in color, and the world's largest arm up reverse self lifting d5200 ⑵ 40 tower crane and other materials are uniform and delicate; It is soft and creamy, with the special fragrance of camphor. There is no laser anti-counterfeiting feature on the counterfeit packaging box or it is not obvious; Open the bottle cap, and there is no word "999" on the bottle door. The texture of the paste is uneven. After extrusion, some are thin like rice soup, without camphor specific fragrance

in addition, the genuine instructions of "Sanjiu" brand series drugs are printed on anti-counterfeiting watermark paper, "999" and "Sanjiu group" can be seen through light perspective word. Counterfeit products do not have this anti-counterfeiting mark

9.. Coptis chinensis supernatant tablets

the authentic products are yellow sugar coated tablets, which appear brown after removing the sugar coating; It smells sweet and tastes bitter. Although the fake is yellow, it turns black after removing the icing; The breath is faint, and the taste is not bitter

10. Xismin tablets

authentic tablets dissolve immediately, do not stick to the tongue, and taste slightly bitter and then slightly sweet; The manual is white, the paper is thin and flexible, the machine folds, and the 7 folds are clear and straight; The batch number and expiration date of the small box are clearly stamped, and the individual character code indentation is shallow. Fake people are insoluble, sticky, tasteless or only bitter; The paper of the manual is thick, yellowish, folded manually, and the crease is not straight; The batch number and expiration date of the small box are not clear with the steel stamp indentation

11. Ouyi (products manufactured after October 2001)

the small package of genuine products is covered with a layer of holographic anti-counterfeiting composite film, which is printed with the words "good medicine for China" and "OE", the logo of Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group and anti-counterfeiting shading patterns. When rotating under the light, a variety of color changes can be seen, and various patterns on the film cannot be wiped off with water and oil; Tuoming book is printed with anti-counterfeiting watermark paper, and the sub sample and trademark of "Shiyao group" are visible to light. There is no holographic anti-counterfeiting composite film in the small packaging box of counterfeit goods or the characteristics are not obvious, and the pattern can be wiped off with water and oil; The manual is printed on ordinary paper, without the above-mentioned anti-counterfeiting, production samples, patterns and colors

12. Qumei

there is an anti-counterfeiting mark on the small packaging box of authentic products. When the mark is lifted, the exclusive anti-counterfeiting number can be seen. Dial the number and input the number. The voice prompt is that there is generally no anti-counterfeiting mark on the small packaging box of authentic products and counterfeit products.

or there is a mark, but dial the voice message. After entering the number, the voice prompt is "fake products"

13. Three gold medals gynecological menstruation tablets

there are embossed anti-counterfeiting signs on the genuine small packaging box. The circular pattern in the center of the sign is made of embossing technology, which has obvious metallic luster. The moving sign can see the diamond like metallic luster rotating around the disc. There is a row of hollowed out words "three gold" at the lower part of the sign, and there is no embossed anti-counterfeiting sign on the fake small packaging box

14. The genuine small packaging box is covered with a layer of holographic anti-counterfeiting composite film, which is printed with the words "three gold pieces", "three gold" logo and anti-counterfeiting shading pattern. When the small box is moved, it can be seen that the circular pattern changes in a retractable manner, and the logo presents a rotating color from the center; Various patterns on the film can't be wiped off with water or oil: the fake products have no above anti-counterfeiting marks, or there are marks, but they can be wiped off with water or oil

15. Modine. Xisimin, xibilin capsule

these drugs are all produced by Xi'an Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The paper of the authentic manual is thin and flexible, the machine folds, the creases are clear, and the creases are straight; The batch number and expiration date printed on the small packing box are clearly stamped. The fake manual is thick and yellowish, folded manually, and the crease is not straight; The stamp impression of batch number and expiry date on the small packaging box is not obvious

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