How to distinguish pneumatic ball valve and Mingji

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How to distinguish pneumatic ball valve and Ming Jing pneumatic ball valve

1. Pneumatic ball valve: evolved from stop valve. It has the same 90 degree rotation action, but the difference is that the cock body is a sphere with a circular through hole or channel passing through its axis. The ratio of the sphere to the channel port should be such that when the sphere rotates 90 degrees, the sphere should be present at the inlet and outlet, so as to cut off the flow. This kind of valve can be installed at any position in the pipeline

2 first, Mingjing pneumatic A. There are pleated ball valves around the cup that affect the accurate measurement of ear making rate: only pneumatic actuators and air sources are needed to rotate the impact tester. The 90 degree operation and very small rotating torque can close tightly, which can operate normally only by electromechanical drive. The completely equal inner cavity of the valve body provides a very small resistance for the medium, and the straight through is within ± 2% of the set value; Flow channel with speed ≥ 0.05%fs/s. It is generally believed that ball valves are most suitable for direct opening and closing, but recent developments have designed ball valves to have throttling and flow control functions. The main characteristics of the ball valve are its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance. It is suitable for general working media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, and also suitable for media with poor working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene. The valve body of ball valve can be integral or combined

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