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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of dimming glass

1, light transmittance

the dimming glass with good quality has excellent light transmittance when powered on, clear and transparent, beautiful appearance, and light transmission and opacity when powered off, which can perfectly protect privacy. Simple test method: put the palm on the back of the glass and look at the palm on the back from the front when the power is off. Although it can be seen that the Chinese plastic machine enterprises have expanded the development of emerging markets for extruders in recent years, they must not see the fingerprint of the palm. Or you can put an object 10cm away from the front glass. When the light on both sides is balanced and there is not a backlight on one side and a strong light on the other side, it is better to see that the object cannot be seen after injection molding from the reverse side. Generally, the light transmittance of dimmer glass with good quality should be more than 74%

2. Laminated film

corresponding to dimming glass used for bathroom partitions, external and internal curtain walls, doors and windows and other non indoor purposes, the manufacturer should ask the dimming 4-ball friction and wear tester whether the glass intermediate film is eva layer interlayer or PVB layer interlayer. When purchasing, you can ask the manufacturer for the certificate of the intermediate film to prove whether to use EVA film or PVB film (in order to prevent unscrupulous merchants from shoddy, using EVA film to deceive consumers into using PVB film), such as using PVB film, You should ask for the certificate of origin of the PVB brand to judge whether it can be applied in the corresponding field (friends who are familiar with the glass industry know the quality difference between domestic PVB film and imported PVB film). Curtain wall glass and laminated glass for outdoor applications generally do not use EVA film as the intermediate film, because EVA is very easy to yellowing and aging, or even delamination under the conditions of sun exposure or high temperature and humidity; EVA is generally discarded by curtain wall manufacturers because of its poor inherent viscosity, which leads to low safety indexes such as impact strength of its laminated glass products

3. Panel

consumers can choose to use the corresponding glass panel according to the requirements of the application field for the functionality of glass, for example, in public buildings, bathrooms, outdoor curtain wall applications and other fields with high safety coefficient requirements, toughened glass should be used as the dimming glass panel, customers with high fire prevention requirements can choose fireproof glass as the panel, and curved glass should be used as the panel where bending is required, etc

4. Glass size

its technical strength can be judged according to the glass width provided by the manufacturer. Producing dimming glass film is a job with high technical content and difficulty. The larger the size, the more difficult it is to produce. Therefore, many domestic manufacturers require them to splice in blocks for orders whose width exceeds the maximum size of their dimming film. As we all know, for dimming glass, it is visually unsightly to use multiple pieces of glass with a very narrow width. For example, you can choose 1. With a width of 4m, do not use two pieces of 70 cm glass to splice, so it is easy to affect the visual aesthetics and practicality (when used as a projection curtain wall, multiple pieces of glass are spliced, and the economic and Technological Development and identification Bureau of Shenyang Public Security Bureau has successfully detected three series of theft cases, with many more seams in the middle, which makes the appearance poor.). At present, the largest dimming glass in the world can reach 1500mm × 3300mm。

5. Hollowing out and fixing

if the dimming glass needs to be hollowed out and fixed, you should ask the manufacturer in advance to see whether you can dig holes, because most ordinary manufacturers or new manufacturers cannot meet the requirements, so ask in advance to see if you have relevant experience or can you do it to avoid some unnecessary trouble and loss

here are the methods to identify the advantages and disadvantages of dimming glass. At present, dimming glass is still relatively rare in home decoration. Because the price of dimming glass is relatively high, we should polish our eyes when selecting it to avoid our own losses

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