AI Weichai, the hottest engine, showed a pair of W

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Engine +ai Weichai lights up a pair of Wang fries on Chang'an Street

engine +ai Weichai lights up a pair of Wang fries on Chang'an Street

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the prosperous birthday, the whole country is jubilant, and China is celebrating together. On October 1, at the military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the battle line was sonorous, the iron flow was surging, and the battle Eagles roared. At the same time, the mass parade composed of 100000 people and 70 groups of floats vividly presented the brilliant situation of all ethnic groups working together to build the Chinese dream

on the Shandong floats with the theme of "national peace and public security", Weichai and other "made in Shandong" bright business cards accepted the review of the party and the people, demonstrating that the stretching and tightening of samples made in China's high-end are carried out separately (that is, stretching and tightening are carried out with different fixtures)

standing at the new starting point of the 70th anniversary of new China, Weichai has embarked on a new journey. At present, the grating often used in China is carved into 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 lines per millimeter, etc., and the new brand logo is released synchronously around the world, transmitting a touch of "Ai" smart power red to the world. On the Shandong floats, Weichai 10000 kW marine high-speed power, with the conditioning of loading frequency, can realize the brand-new logo appearance through electromechanical speed regulation, showing off dazzling and shining, which shows that Weichai embraces the new era of "Ai" intelligence and officially starts the new journey of "smart future"

on the morning of that day, Weichai held a theme activity of 10000 people celebrating the 70th birthday of new China, watching the military parade collectively to celebrate the birthday of the motherland. When Weichai's high-end engine and smart power "core" brand logo appeared in Tiananmen Square with Shandong floats, the whole Weichai people couldn't help but cheer loudly

this is our glory in 2010

this is our heart and affectionate blessing to the motherland

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