Most popular Americans prefer oak barrel aged beer

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Americans prefer oak barrel aged beer

if the taste of beer and whisky is excellent, I'm afraid no one will deny it. But will the taste be so good if the two taste together? Breweries, bars and consumers all believe that the growing demand for beer aged in Bourbon barrels and Scottish oak barrels is an example

the Goose Island brewery in Chicago, USA, was repaired in 1992, and the preparation of samples requires specific sample preparation equipment. The electronic tensile testing machine must be calibrated with a third-class standard dynamometer. Seasonal beer will be brewed for the first time in the year, and the output of its oak barrel aged beer will increase from 1200 cases in 2006 to 9000 cases in 2007. At the annual festival of wood and barrel aged beer, 36 types of beer were exhibited in 2003, while in 2006, it increased to 75 types. Even the famous Anheuser Busch company added two Bourbon barrel aged beers in 2005

Greg hall, chief Brewer of Goose Island brewery, said, "for a long time, people only drink the same kind of beer. But people don't eat the same way, nor do they drink wine. Beer consumers begin to change their ideas, and they want to drink different kinds of beer on different occasions."

oak barrel aged beer is certainly not an ordinary daily drink. Most of them contain about 10% alcohol, some of which comes from barrels. When these barrels are transported to the brewery, they contain 5 gallons of aged whisky, but most of the alcohol comes from the beer itself, which contains high alcohol before being used for aging

"if you put an American beer in an oak barrel, the taste of the oak barrel will immediately cover all the beer flavors." Jeff sparrow of the Chicago beer association said, "it is necessary to improve the taste of oak barrels while not covering the taste of beer. For example, imperial stout and high alcohol beer have added flavors that complement oak barrels, such as coconut and vanilla." Jeff sparrow has been the referee of oak aged beer in various beer competitions in the United States

in order to fully experience the wonderful and complex aroma of this beer, most experts will recommend using a narrow mouthed glass of brandy to sip, which is more conducive to capture the rich aroma

due to the limited production of this beer (only 50 gallons per barrel), oak barrel aged beer is mostly sold in bars. Anheuser Busch company found a shortcut: the oak barrel was disassembled and laid on the bottom of the stainless steel fermentation tank, which has a much larger capacity than the oak barrel. In 2005, the company launched two seasonal drinks - winter Bourbon light beer, so it is necessary to know that the operation strategy of granulator is 10 points (winter`s Bourbon cask ALE) and Michelob celebrate vanilla oak

Greg hall, the chief Brewer of Goose Island brewery, believes that this is the type of beer consumers are looking for today. "Thirty years ago, you could drink a beer, a glass of wine or other drinks in a bar for $2. At present, wine is the fastest-growing area of alcoholic beverages, and spirits have also grown rapidly in the past 10 to 15 years, only beer has lagged behind. It is not that consumers are unwilling to spend more money on beer, but that beer producers do not produce more new types of beer. Now this situation is changing."

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