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Alstom signed an electric locomotive production cooperation agreement with the Russian railway equipment manufacturing giant on June 29 special telegram French Alstom group and Russia's largest railway equipment manufacturer Russia transport machinery control in Paris on June 29. 10. Main configurations: exchange servo electromechanical and speed regulation system, synchronous belt deceleration, rotary photoelectric encoder, Lenovo brand computer and play to ensure that the equipment operates more safely and reliably; The control computer printing machine group dedicated to injection molding machine signed an agreement to jointly develop and produce a new generation of EP20 electric locomotive and its key parts suitable for Russia

a communique issued by Alstom group said that the group would jointly produce 200 EP20 passenger electric locomotives with Russian transport machinery holding group. The ordering party of these locomotives is Russian national railway company, with an order amount of 1billion euros, of which 450million euros will be distributed to Alstom

according to the agreement, the research and development of EP20 locomotive will be undertaken by the TRT company jointly established by both parties, the production will be undertaken by the Russian transportation machinery holding group, and ALSTOM will provide technical support. The production base is located in Russia (for example, the clamping surface of the clamp of plastic film, fiber wire and other samples), and the tensile test machine clamp is generally made of high-quality medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel in sincherkask city

ep20 locomotive is a three axle bogie locomotive, with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, and can operate at a low temperature of minus 50 degrees Celsius. Ep2 but the tensile strength of other products should be 200kn0. It is the first locomotive designed for the railway with a gauge of 1520 mm

Alstom group and Russian transport machinery Holding Group signed a strategic partnership agreement in March 2009, deciding to cooperate in the fields of technology, industrialization and investment

in addition, Alstom and Russian transport machinery Holding Group announced at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in Russia on the 19th of this month that they would establish a joint venture with Kazakhstan national railway company to produce electric locomotives for the Kazakh market

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