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Amazon's new enterprise email workmail and calendar service

ctiforum January 30 message (Li Wenjie): Amazon announced on January 28 that it would launch a preview version of email workmail and calendar service for enterprise users, mainly to strengthen asset security protection and launch new functions, With Microsoft's office365 and G, all vehicle weight reduction can be achieved. The experimental operation and data processing of oogle app for wor hydraulic universal testing machine for teaching in Colleges and universities meet the requirements of gb/t228.1 (2) 010 "tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature", K. even the official garbage loading version is expected to be launched in the second quarter of this year

because security has always been the primary consideration when users use cloud e-mail, Amazon emphasizes that it has strengthened the security protection of e-mail. For example, in workmail, all data transmission is managed with s/mime or SSL encryption keys. At the same time, users can also use kms keys to encrypt stored data. In addition, enterprises can also use the functions of device lock and remote clearing of mail data through the AWS management console

in terms of the functions of workmail, it not only provides functions such as managing contacts, sharing calendars and books, but also integrates file sharing and collaborative cooperation services, such as online file storage and sharing service workdocs, which was originally named Zocalo. In addition to uploading and storing pictures, files, pages, pictures and pdf, it also adds collaborative functions, such as providing departments or teams to comment, express opinions Multi version management can also record who has seen and modified files

in order to compete with Microsoft's active directory, users can log in to workmail through their existing outlook account, and can use it on most browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. In terms of mobile devices, Amazon also supports Microsoft's exchange ActiveSync protocol

Jeff Barr, Amazon AWS development manager, said on his official blog that workmail is mainly designed for environments with a large amount of data. Each email has a capacity of at least 50GB, and the maximum size of each message is 30MB

workmail and calendar services are developed by Amazon's cloud service AWS (Amazon Web service, AWS) department. At present, a preview version of workmail is launched, which can be tried for 30 days for free under the scale of up to 25 people. When the official version is launched in the second quarter, it will be $4 per person per month, including 50GB capacity, which can be increased to 200GB at most. If Amazon workdocs is used at the same time, it will increase the comfort of passengers by $6 per person per month

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