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American scientists have developed that plastic waste can be converted into small pieces of energy

scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have found that plastic waste can be converted into small pieces of plastic used as fuel. Under normal circumstances, all kinds of plastic waste, including dirt, must be landfilled. However, in the method developed by the University of Pennsylvania, this small piece can be mixed with coal to make 95% of its modified plastic, which is used as the auxiliary fuel for furnaces and boilers in the automotive field, or if the sealing gasket is broken, it will be burned in the cement furnace with the growing global demand for solid and light materials

the plastic cut at an appropriate temperature is sent to an electrically heated mold for heating, so that the outer layer of the material is melted and fused, while the other parts of the material are not melted, and then the generated compressed plastic is cut into small pieces. The calculation shows that the energy provided by these small pieces of plastic is 20 times that required to produce them. Even if these plastics can be remelted and reshaped, the traditional recycling process requires considerable energy input. At present, the University of Pennsylvania is conducting combustion experiments on these small pieces to calculate the heat they emit. The researchers claimed that they did not intend to use PVC because of its polluting emissions

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