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Amcor launched coffee packaging with built-in air conditioning system

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core tip: Amcor launched an advanced packaging system, in which the built-in air conditioning system can be used to package ground coffee and coffee beans

[China Packaging News] Amcor has launched an advanced packaging system with built-in air conditioning system, which can be used to pack ground coffee and coffee beans

the new Vento is the only coffee package with degassing system that has been delivered to coffee roasters for use. It can run on the filling machine and be sealed into the package immediately after the coffee is roasted, without additional equipment or operation, so as to maintain the fresh flavor and aroma of coffee

Peter Hansen, Amcor's beverage R & D and product development engineer, said, "Vento just makes the operation of roasters easier and provides more flexibility. After working in the field of coffee and valves for several years, I found that roasters face many problems in the coffee packaging system, so I believe that designing a better solution this year will be an opportunity."

a development team of Peter and Amcor started to develop a concept - Vento is derived from it. It is a high-performance degassing system that can be directly integrated into the packaging laminate

in order to ensure that Vento can meet the requirements of simplicity and ease of use, Amcor tested six pilot customers. They analyzed the production level of polylysine on the machine compared with the operation of CHISSO company in Japan, which is the first company in the world, and how to judge its protection of coffee freshness through shelf-life testing

the pilot customer reported that the equipment reduced downtime and production waste. According to the data collected by Lin nianxiu, deputy director of the development and Reform Commission, a three shift baking machine can save an average of 280 hours of downtime, and due to the improvement of production efficiency, it can save up to 10% of the cost every year. The specific effect depends on the machine model and the type of hard valve being replaced

in addition, its weight is 87% lighter than that of the hard valve, which saves energy because the coater is no longer needed. This will reduce the total carbon emission of 250g product packaging by 8%<4. The specification of oil/p>

vento can be integrated into any three-layer laminate of Amcor coffee soft packaging, and can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers

s, CO owner of Copenhagen baking company? Rensylvest said: "We agree to participate in the pilot because the idea of canceling the hard valve is very attractive. The process of applying the hard valve will always cause some difficulties in production, so Vento appeared in time. The trial operation process is very smooth, the performance of the system is impressive, and the whole production process has been completed very beautifully. And its function of transferring the exhaust system to the back of the package is also very popular.

the pilot plan was completed After that, coffee bags using Vento system have been listed in stores all over Europe

sylvest continued: "Danes know about coffee. Denmark is one of the top five countries in coffee consumption, so people who buy our products are looking for quality. We are glad that our new Vento packaging maintains the taste and aroma of coffee."

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