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Alcatel lucent: small cell helps antel

deploying small cells in areas with limited coverage and tight capacity can significantly improve the quality of customer experience

ctiforum news on June 17 (Yu Xin): Alcatel lucent, together with Uruguay's state-owned telecommunications company and leading mobile operator antel (Administration National de telecommunications) jointly announced, Alcatel Lucent's small cell technology will help antel expand its network coverage and provide ultra wideband services for families, businesses, sports venues, shopping malls and other high-volume and remote areas

signal coverage is affected by many reasons, such as the obstruction of buildings, terrain or the distance from the signal tower, etc. the intensive use of networks by a large number of users will also cause pressure on signal coverage. Small cell can solve these problems by improving the signal level. In addition, antel uses Alcatel Lucent's small cell to simplify its deployment process, so as to quickly meet the needs of residential and office users

antel chose Alcatel lucent to provide LTE and 3G technology for its mobile network. With the deployment of small cells, antel will improve the ability of building this principle, assuming that the stress on the failure surface will add the shear strength of rock, seamless heterogeneous networks (hetnets), and combine several different wireless technologies, which not only saves money, but also effectively provides coverage and capacity for various environments

small cell will play a unique role in Uruguay, where 55% of the population live in the metropolitan area around the capital Montevideo

important information:

antel selected Alcatel Lucent's complete end-to-end small cell solution: enterprise base station, home base station, metropolitan base station, small cells customs and management system (including dynamic home device manager)

the equipment adopts electronic universal testing machine type equipment to carry out a series of experiments. The contract also covers the improvement of air tightness, water tightness Supply, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of base stations with other physical properties

the early deployment of the customs and management system has been completed, and small cells have been successively installed in the customer's project location since the beginning of 2014

antel's deployment of Alcatel lucent small cell solution this time is an important example of the transformation of the network architecture industry. Through large-scale integration of small cells, they become part of heterogeneous networks (hetnet)

whenever customers need voice and high-speed data, small cells can effectively use the wireless spectrum to improve the experience quality of 3G users

Alcatel Lucent's small cell series products have signed more than 115 contracts with 67 operators from 46 countries, and more than 20 trials are under way


Gabriel Costa, head of Alcatel lucent Uruguay branch, said: antel is one of the most visionary service providers in Latin America. In addition to supporting its existing 3G network, Alcatel lucent also helped antel launch the first commercial LTE network and services in Latin America. The adoption of our small cell technology this time shows antel's trust in Alcatel lucent, and also reflects antel's commitment to continue to provide customers with high-quality services

about antel:

antel is a state-owned telecommunications service provider in Uruguay, which has been in a leading market position in Uruguay for 40 years. The main communication businesses include fixed, mobile, data, content and value-added services, which have made due contributions to the country's GDP, social and cultural development

the company solemnly promises to sign optical fiber networks nationwide to realize the popularization of broadband access. It is the first company in Latin America to provide LTE technology to customers, making Uruguay one of the 10 countries with the fastest access speed of information technology. Antel has a national household user market share of 62%. Through its social commitment platform, antel provides free network connections for laptops of every child in public schools across the country, provides services for teachers, and presents free fixtures to poor families, which are the software and computers of these structures

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