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It is understood that the three policies formulated by the Ministry of culture and other departments to support the development of the cultural industry will be issued in the near future, "some opinions on promoting the integration and development of cultural creativity and design services and related industries", "opinions on further promoting cultural and financial cooperation", "opinions on supporting the development of small and micro cultural enterprises", It sends a strong signal that the cultural industry is an important starting point to support and lead the optimization and upgrading of economic structure

these policies include guiding and encouraging social capital to invest in cultural creativity, design services, information services, sports, cultural entertainment and other fields, improving relevant supporting policies and financial services, making good use of special funds for the development of cultural industries and tax relief. They also involve the problem of how to reduce the burden of land use and coal, water, gas, electricity prices that have plagued enterprises for many years

for example, several opinions on promoting the integration and development of cultural creativity and design services and related industries are highly targeted and valuable, focusing on supporting the cross-border integration of the cultural industry: on the one hand, it is to promote "the integration of cultural industry and technology, including digital cultural industry, animation Cultural and creative enterprises such as mobile games will be supported; On the other hand, promote the integration of cultural industry and capital, and large-scale capital operation will give birth to more comprehensive cultural industry groups; In addition, we should also promote the integration of the cultural industry and the real economy, enhance industrial added value, and promote the innovation, transformation and upgrading of other industries

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