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Heping grandly launched the medium voltage soft starter HPMV series

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nowadays, three-phase AC induction motors are the most commonly used in transmission engineering. In many cases, due to their starting characteristics, these motors are directly connected to the power supply system. If they are directly started, they will produce a surge current up to 6 times the rated current of the motor. This current will overload the power supply system and the switchgear in series. If they are directly started, they will also produce a high peak torque, which is not independent of the slave control The manufacturing method is still limited in speed, experimental stroke and tonnage of the experimental machine, but it will have an impact on the driving motor, and the mechanical device will also be damaged

hpmv medium and high voltage soft starters are made of multiple thyristors in series and parallel, which can meet different current and voltage requirements. The output voltage can be controlled by controlling the trigger angle of thyristor. When the motor is started, HPMV increases the universal experimental machine of the motor double space structure situation according to the preset starting curve. Due to the terminal voltage operated in the upper space, the motor accelerates smoothly, thus reducing the motor starting. When you also notice the different characteristics of pages and documents, you can set multiple experimental parameters for the electrical and mechanical impact of electricity, the motor itself, and connected equipment. When the motor reaches the normal speed, the bypass contactor is connected. After the motor is started, the HPMV soft starter continues to monitor the motor and provide various fault protection. During soft shutdown, first reduce the terminal voltage of the motor smoothly according to the preset shutdown curve until the motor stops. Soft stop can solve the problems of water hammer and mechanical impact caused by sudden shutdown

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