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2.1 billion! The whole industrial chain Park of China's high-end scientific instruments is under construction: breakthroughs have been made in magnetic resonance and scanning electron microscopy

recently, Wuxi quantum perception Industrial Park, which is shortlisted for the major project sequence of Jiangsu Province in 2020, officially laid the foundation in Qianzhou street, Huishan District, Wuxi City. The total investment of the project is about 2.1 billion yuan, and will be committed to creating a new model of scientific instruments and equipment industry "designed in the park and manufactured in the park", Build the whole industrial chain Park of China's high-end scientific instruments and equipment

at present, the industrial park has successfully reserved a number of high-precision and cutting-edge projects, such as nuclear magnetic resonance logging while drilling, scanning electron microscope, magnetic resonance spectrometer, smart core module, diamond chip and sensor, atomic magnetometer, 5g communication device, electrode material intelligent equipment and intelligent sanitation robot. In the future, the industrial park will add appropriate coating on the fiber surface, and it is expected that the annual output value will exceed 10 billion yuan and the tax revenue will exceed 1 billion yuan

the industrial park will rely on the strong scientific research strength, innovation ability and talent team of Wuxi quantum perception overall anti overload caihuaqiang Research Institute, take quantum precision measurement technology as the core of the establishment of the special committee, take the industrialized development of mature technology as the goal, focus on cultivating leading enterprises in the field of quantum perception, and strive to create a new model of scientific instrument and equipment industry of "design in the park and manufacturing in the park", Build the whole industrial chain Park of China's high-end scientific instruments and equipment

it is understood that the main construction contents of the industrial park include 206000 square meters of R & D and manufacturing buildings, 67000 square meters of supporting talent Apartments (1000 sets) and 19000 square meters of supporting service rooms

Wuxi Institute of quantum perception is an industry university research cooperation platform based on the micro magnetic resonance Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is in charge of academician dujiangfeng of the University of science and technology of China. It aims to build an "influential quantum perception research and development institution in the world and the forefront of the country", and aims to improve the development of quantum technology industry, surrounding the industrialization of achievements in quantum computing, quantum measurement, quantum perception and other industrial fields. Founded in 2018, after more than a year of development, the Institute has built a talent team of more than 30 people, applied for 12 patents, successfully developed diamond quantum computing teaching machine and sem3000 series scanning electron microscope, made breakthroughs in the research and development of nuclear magnetic resonance logging while drilling instrument and field emission scanning electron microscope, and built a quantum perception test center with micro magnetic resonance as the core technology. While the industrial park is under construction, the Research Institute building and supporting incubator with a total planned area of about 72000 square meters will also start construction in the near future

related instrument achievements

about Guoyi quantum

Guoyi quantum (Hefei) Technology Co., Ltd. takes quantum precision measurement as the core technology to provide enterprises, governments and research institutions around the world with core key devices represented by enhanced quantum sensors, scientific instruments and equipment for analysis and testing, core technology solutions for enabling industry applications and other products and services. Facing the fields of advanced materials, semiconductors, quantum science, life technology, medicine and clinical research, the company is committed to helping customers more efficiently promote the development of technology and explore the future of mankind

the company originates from the Key Laboratory of micro magnetic resonance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the University of science and technology of China. The laboratory has been deeply engaged in the development of high-end scientific instruments and key core devices for more than ten years. A number of technologies and research achievements have broken through international blockades and embargoes, and has won many awards, such as "ten advances in Chinese science", "second prize of National Natural Science", "special prize of science and technology award of China Association for analysis and testing"

development history

Guoyi quantum was founded in 2016, headquartered in Hefei, and has branches in Wuxi, Shanghai and other places:

in December 2016, Guoyi quantum (formerly Hefei quantum Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.) was registered and established in Hefei

in April, 2018, Wuxi Institute of quantum perception was established with a local fund of 200million yuan

China's first commercial "pulse electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer epr100" was released in October 2018

in November 2018, it undertook major special national key R & D projects of the Ministry of science and technology, and received 15.01 million yuan of state allocated funds

in December 2018, the product of "quantum state control and readout all in one" was delivered overseas for the first time

in December 2018, we completed the a-round financing of Jinan testing machine, with a pre investment valuation of RMB 1billion

the world's first "Diamond quantum computing teaching machine" product for the public was released in April 2019

the first "quantum diamond atomic force microscope (qdafm)" in China was released in September 2019

in November 2019, the "full digital scanning electron microscope" independently developed by China was released

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