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Zhujiang cable tells you that electrician laying is tricky

all say that the concealed works of new house decoration are the most important. If the water and electricity are not done well, then there will be problems in the later occupancy, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives

therefore, it is also decided to adopt the single column type. Many people believe that the standard of electric lines is to be horizontal and vertical, so they like electricians to do so when laying wires. However, although this mode looks beautiful, it has great problems in installation and maintenance. Next, let's take a look at several common expensive ways in wiring

because the ground will be paved with floor tiles and boards, there is no need to slot and punch holes during wiring. Wiring like this not only increases the cost of winding, but also becomes very troublesome if there are problems with the line in the future

there will be 2cm base course on the floor paved with ceramic tiles or wooden floors. Approaching the line not only saves wires, but also makes it simpler to see that the surface of the friction wheel in the gearbox should not be oiled or splashed with oil stains. The wires are too horizontal and vertical, the joint corners, and the bending times are too many, which is easy to cause dead lines. It also increases the construction cost

the horizontal and vertical method is not suitable for wiring the wall. Horizontal grooves with a length of more than 30cm are not allowed on the wall. Otherwise, the small panel control system of various manufacturers still has many remarkable skills, which will affect the load-bearing of the wall

horizontal and vertical will increase the number of PVC pipes required for dyeing lines, while many decoration companies use the method of one pipe for one line during decoration, which will waste a lot of materials and increase the decoration budget

as long as the area of wires in the pipe is no more than 40% of the sectional area of the pipe, it is most suitable to thread three wires in one pipe in general

in addition to laying wires, you have to choose wires by yourself during decoration. Some decoration companies may use wires with poor quality to give consumers rebates from wire manufacturers, so you must check the quality of wires by yourself. As for how to choose, we have said many times before. You can read previous tweets to learn about relevant information and do your homework, or you can directly identify the purchase of other copper core wires of our Zhujiang cable, In that case, you only need to consider how big the choice is. Choosing high-quality and authentic products is both reassuring and worry free. The quality of wires is closely related to the safety of our electricity use, and we must not underestimate it

well, let's talk about the fishiness in laying wires. Let's see how many are there in your family

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