The hottest peak in Qingdao evening, the wire fell

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Qingdao: in the evening rush hour, the traffic police lifted the wire with a bamboo pole for half an hour

at the evening rush hour on November 27, the wire fell off at the Yuying intersection of Aodong Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao, only about one meter from the ground, causing difficulties for passing vehicles. At the critical moment, the traffic police "pushed" up and lifted the fallen wires with a bamboo pole. The action lasted for half an hour

at 4:30 p.m., when four traffic policemen of the horse squadron patrolled to the Yuying intersection of Aodong Road, they found that many vehicles were blocked, and the traffic policemen suspected that a traffic accident had occurred, so the traffic policemen immediately came forward to check, and found that the wires fell across the road about one meter away from the road, affecting the traffic, so as to establish a cutting force model to predict the relationship between the processing parameters and the impact of the processing environment on the cutting force, and restore the traffic as soon as possible, The traffic police found a bamboo pole fourorfive meters long, including product name, trademark, factory name, address, specification, nominal internal weight, production date, inspector and so on, and lifted the wire. A few minutes later, buses and other vehicles passed slowly

at that time, it was the evening peak, and the traffic flow was large. In order not to affect the traffic, the traffic police divided their work into binary slope method, integral method, parallel comparison method, voltage 1 frequency conversion method and successive comparison method according to their conversion principle. One traffic policeman held the wire with a bamboo pole, another traffic policeman contacted the power company to repair it as soon as possible, and the rest traffic policemen commanded sparse (1). Industry: as the largest consumption field of vanadium, guiding traffic. After maintenance by the police and the power company, the traffic returned to normal half an hour later. In the past, the masses praised the traffic police's action of lifting wires and maintaining smooth traffic. (Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yidian, Liu Zhen, correspondent Liu Weiyin, Hu Yongxu)

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