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Pearl River Delta coating industry: adjust the strategy to "change" the world

Pearl River Delta coating industry: adjust the strategy to "change" the world

April 3, 2009

[China coating information] after the merger and reorganization of the previous two years, the coating industry enterprises in the Pearl River Delta encountered this year's financial crisis and the upcoming new "limit of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings for interior decoration", Forcing the paint industry to reshuffle, the customers who bought the experimental machine of our company Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd. will come before the preferential delivery this month, and the paint enterprises have encountered new opportunities and challenges. Many coating enterprises have embarked on the path of seeking change, specialization and specialization

in terms of product structure, East China is dominated by industrial coatings, which are old-fashioned industrial bases, such as marine coatings, automotive coatings, etc., mostly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta. Compared with the Yangtze River Delta, the coating enterprises in South China are mainly architectural coatings. However, construction projects are often short-term projects. There is a long time between one project and another, and there are many peers participating in the bidding, so the competition is fierce. In addition, due to the low technical content and high homogeneity of architectural coatings, it is difficult for coating enterprises to highlight their brands. In addition, the rise of coating enterprises in the West and central China in recent years has further divided the market share of architectural coatings. According to the statistical data in 2007, the Pearl River Delta can account for about 30% of the whole market, but it has fallen to more than 20% since 2007. The Yangtze River Delta has increased from 30% to 34%, and the gap is becoming increasingly obvious. The coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are forced to learn from the past and actively look for new opportunities from themselves

adjust product structure and diversify development

many enterprises that used to focus solely on architectural coatings in the past have actively transformed to household coatings and wood paint coatings in recent years. Although the export volume of furniture, cabinet and other industries has decreased due to the financial crisis, the strong domestic demand market still makes the sales volume of furniture and other industries increase, "relying on the big tree to enjoy the cool" relying on industry advantages, Everyone knows that the industrial structure of Jinan, which sells experimental machines, is the development path chosen by many coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta

improve the content of science and technology and qualitatively change their own products

at present, the coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are no longer blindly expanding production, reducing prices, and using cost-effective and hurtful methods to compete in the face of the increasing homogenization of their competitors' products with themselves. But through the continuous optimization and improvement of the quality of products, the final product quality change has been formed, and there has been a qualitative leap in grade and technical content. At present, the concept of "environmental protection and energy conservation" has been adopted by more and more coating enterprises as a breakthrough for the qualitative change of their products. The development of each enterprise is different, and the path and background of its development are different. From their own point of view, make their own current coatings, take the road of specialization and characterization, and create their own brands

adjust their own production mode and reduce production costs

there has always been an unavoidable problem in front of coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, that is, the positioning of the government on enterprises. As most coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are joint ventures or private enterprises, unlike the Yangtze River Delta, which is mostly an old industrial base, most enterprises are state-owned or have a deep historical accumulation. In the government communication, many enterprises are identified as high energy consumption and high pollution, and are in a weak position. As a result, many coating enterprises have moved out of the urban area, and some have moved to areas near Jiangxi and Hunan in Guangdong in order to reduce costs. At the same time, the recent wave of migrant workers returning home has also led many people with coating processing experience to return to the mainland, solving the talent problem. In addition, the cost of living and production costs in the mainland (such as factory rent, the inclination of tax policies, etc.) are far lower than those in the Pearl River Delta, making many Pearl River Delta enterprises take the initiative to move their production parts to the mainland, leaving their marketing and administrative parts in Guangzhou, which has developed information resources Modern city of Shenzhen. It has optimized its own structure and production mode, reduced production costs and avoided the fate of being eliminated under the circumstances of the continuous rise in raw material prices and the requirements of downstream industries

cultivate their own talents and culture

under the influence of the financial crisis, many coating enterprises choose "hibernation", but "hibernation" is not to remain motionless for survival, ranging from shutdown to vacation. It's a process of reflecting on yourself. In the past, many small enterprises in the Pearl River Delta blindly produced and expanded, unilaterally pursued speed, were eager for quick success and instant benefits, and ignored the cultivation of talents and corporate culture. In the past, enterprises often dug a talent here and there, bought a formula here and there, paid attention to the immediate short-term benefits, and made money first. In this way, there must be more than 1000 paint enterprises every year, and more than 1000 paint enterprises close down every year. In the face of the dormant period of the financial crisis, the Pearl River Delta coating enterprises have increased the training of their own talent teams and improved the cultural construction of their own enterprises

there are always risks and opportunities in the market. In the face of the financial crisis, it may be a good time for coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta to accumulate strength and reshape themselves. It is believed that after a short adjustment, some excellent coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta will have a clearer development strategy and pay more attention to the quality of development. The reports of enterprises are no longer just focused on sales performance, but more on how to maximize profits. At the same time, many powerful large enterprises took advantage of this opportunity to speed up their expansion. For example, while accelerating the construction of channels, Dabao has also strengthened the promotion of water-based paint, enriched its product structure, and expanded eight new plants in the production base of Dalingshan, Dongguan, covering an area of 100 mu, to meet the growing production demand of the market. Garberry has built a new factory in Shanghai, and zhanchen has completed the layout of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, the three most economically dynamic regions. Zhonghua paint established a new production base in Xinfeng, Shaoguan, and so on. More, some enterprise bosses directly focus on the road of acquisition and merger. Once, some well-known enterprise bosses who said that if the product added value is high, it means that the technology content is high told the author: the financial crisis has reduced the acquisition cost. The enterprises that could not be acquired by 10million in the past are now settled by millions, and there are also some advantageous enterprises with characteristics in some fields. At this time, talking with them about acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions can obtain relatively low expansion costs, so as to integrate the resources of the enterprise, so as to achieve rapid development and complete the overall strategic layout of the enterprise

perhaps, the coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have no advantages in policy support in the future, but the perfect supporting facilities, unique human environment and long-standing cultural precipitation of the enterprises in the Pearl River Delta will make the enterprises in the Pearl River Delta grow stronger after a short period of adjustment and integration

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