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China's tobacco packaging from the perspective of design patent authorization (II)

II. The strategy to be adopted for the authorization of the patent

Hu zuochao (2001) said in his book patent management that the patent strategy was formulated through the analysis of comprehensive situation and patent information, which was principled and relatively stable, During the implementation of the patent strategy, the implementation plan should be constantly adjusted according to the changes of the actual situation, and the new implementation plan of the patent strategy should be designed and applied according to the guidelines and principles of the patent strategy at all times. Therefore, the implementation plan of patent strategy is flexible, which needs to be constantly changed and adjusted with the development of competition and the change of competitive environment. Chinese tobacco enterprises can learn from the experience and lessons of other countries in the development of science and technology, give consideration to basic research and applied research in the medium and long-term science and technology plan, adjust the scientific and technological orientation of enterprises according to the national science and technology development strategy and the industry science and technology development strategy, and determine the specific proportion of basic research and applied research

Hu zuochao (2001) said in his book patent management that the so-called patent strategy is the combination of legal, scientific and technological, and economic principles associated with patents, which is used to guide competition in the economic, scientific and technological fields in order to seek the greatest interests. The specific application of the legal, scientific and technological, and economic principles related to patents can be used to guide the implementation of each specific patent strategy to achieve the goals of the patent strategy

at present, China's tobacco is expected to be put into production in the fourth quarter of 2017; In the case of relatively weak capital and scientific and technological strength of the 1000 ton butyl lithium project enterprise, several issues that should be strengthened in formulating the patent strategy:

(I) eight basic principles that should be paid attention to: 1. Participation of all employees of the enterprise; 2. Establish the patent administration department; 3. Closely track relevant patent information and establish a rapid information feedback mechanism; 4. Maintain the combination of existing advantages and innovation, and the combination of defense strategy and offensive strategy; 5. The improvement of existing process, appearance design, packaging and other research are the short-term goals, the research of new formula, new process, new method and new equipment are the medium and long-term goals, and the short-term goals are combined with the medium and long-term goals; 6. The combination of basic research, applied research and technological development; 7. Spare no effort to support major original innovative topics or projects with potential, and maintain the advantages of the patented technological achievements; 8. Comprehensively, systematically, long-term and in-depth study intellectual property, establish and improve the intellectual property organization of enterprises

(II) the strategy of cross licensing should be adopted. Cross licensing means that an enterprise exchanges the export of patented technology and proprietary technology for the use of patented technology and proprietary technology of another enterprise. If an enterprise has some independent patent rights, and the patents of its competitors pose an obstacle to the implementation of its technology, it can adopt the cross licensing strategy. Cross licensing applies not only to the situation that enterprises should first clarify what kind of experiments they want to do, but also to the situation that the standard configuration of patent technology level jaws is: 0 (1) 5, 15 (3) 0 technology is interrelated

(III) joint research and development strategy should be used. Joint research and development of domestic enterprises and joint research and development with foreign enterprises have been proved to be a very effective means by many domestic enterprises. From the perspective of long-term development of enterprises, it is necessary to establish enterprise alliances and gather their respective technological advantages and material and financial resources to jointly tackle key problems. For Chinese enterprises, it is far from enough to rely on the strength of a single enterprise to independently undertake the research and development of core technologies with huge investment. Joint research and development is a good choice. In fact, even large multinational companies often form technology alliances with others for joint research and development

but it should be noted that the introduction is not an end, but only a means. The ultimate goal is to develop independent intellectual property rights on the basis of introduction. After decades of rapid development, China's tobacco industry has gradually expanded. Through the use of intellectual property management, a powerful modern competitive tool, it has become an urgent task for Chinese tobacco enterprises to achieve sustainable and stable development with stronger competitiveness

III. research significance and purpose of the patent authorization

the main purpose of this paper is to systematically analyze the current situation of the patent authorization in China, and establish and improve the effective mechanism and patent strategy for the development of the patented technology in view of the fact that China's tobacco enterprises are still weak in establishing independent intellectual property rights and developing the patented technology. Establish an effective strategic plan in all aspects of the enterprise involved in the patent property strategy. Analyze the existing problems, arouse the attention of tobacco manufacturing enterprises to tobacco packaging design patents, in order to create a good and fair competitive environment. It is an irreversible trend for the economic system to be in line with international practices

for the research significance and purpose of the patent authorization, Tian Lipu, director of the State Intellectual Property Office, said in the China Economic Forum on CCTV economic channel in 2005: "China is a country with a long history of 5000 years and a splendid civilization. The Chinese nation has never lacked the ability of innovative spirit and creative thinking. We have contributed four major inventions to the world, which have played a great role in promoting the progress of human civilization. But that was before the Song Dynasty. In recent hundreds of years, major inventions that have affected human society, such as electric light, television, such as cars Airplanes and satellites, such as semiconductors, computers and networks, are all made by foreigners. Few Chinese people can be seen in the ranks of modern world-class inventors. However, we should have a firm belief. We should have this confidence. With this belief, we should adhere to carrying forward the spirit of independent innovation and vigorously cultivate the awareness of intellectual property rights. In the new century, we will be able to reproduce the brilliant Chinese civilization and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! "

at present, in the competition of the tobacco industry, technological innovation and the scientific and technological content of products are becoming more and more dominant. However, the reason for this failure is that the contact points of the reversing switch are burned and ablated. However, the technological innovation ability of the industry is not only far behind that of foreign countries, but also the intellectual property management of Chinese tobacco enterprises is blank, and the overall awareness of intellectual property is weak. It is still weak in establishing independent intellectual property rights and developing its own patented technology, and it lacks an effective mechanism and patent strategy for developing its own patented technology. The patent strategy involves all aspects of the enterprise and requires an effective strategic planning. After long-term attention to this aspect, he has published relevant academic research papers such as "on the current situation and development of packaging design patents" and "on the backwardness of Chinese product design", which has a certain theoretical basis for the prediction and evaluation of enterprise technological innovation, and has also been engaged in the design, planning and research of enterprise product design technological innovation. He has certain practical experience and has close cooperation with many enterprises. At the same time, I have also conducted special study and Research on the design patent technology, and I hope that the majority of patent workers and design workers can sum up more experience from practice, and strengthen the theoretical research on the protection of design patents, so as to continuously improve the legal protection level of foreign design patents, so that the patent system can play a greater role in the socialist market economy. Therefore, the theoretical basis, technical basis and experimental site of this project research have been basically equipped, which can successfully complete the research of this topic and achieve the expected research results

IV. conclusion

in a word, no matter how much pressure and impact China's accession to the WTO are, as long as it is "prepared", it can be "safe". As long as we face the reality bravely, transmute and strengthen, take advantage of the situation, and be fully prepared strategically and tactically, China's tobacco enterprises will certainly dominate the stage of the tobacco economy in the 21st century with a strong posture in the authorization of this patent. In this context, as the management and application of this patent and other intellectual property rights are still at a toddler stage, it is urgent for China's tobacco enterprises to make up this important lesson as soon as possible

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