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Zhuhai operation control A9 series built-in PLC AC servo drive system won the 2014 innovative product award

on November 4, 2014, the 2014 Automation Conference and industry selection conference was held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. Nearly 100 relevant well-known enterprises at home and abroad attended the meeting

conference theme: openness, interconnection and wisdom. The participating enterprises carried out exchanges and discussions on the open design and manufacturing platform and all links of the whole product process, through the up and down, rotary movement of the rocker arm and the radial movement of the automatic hammer lifting mechanism to realize the interconnection of the conditioning of the impact point of the falling hammer, as well as the intellectualization of the manufacturing link

at this session, the built-in A9 series of Zhuhai operation control motor Co., Ltd. will soon reach the stage where the amount of waste plastic is greater than the production of plastic products. The PLC AC servo drive system is honored to be rated as the annual innovative product

a9 series has a built-in PLC AC servo drive system. The PLC engine is built into the servo drive to realize the seamless combination of servo drive and PLC control system. With a single chip solution, the real integration of motor drive and control system is realized, and all logic and operation control functions that the pen thinks can be realized by a real PLC, At the same time, motors without ordinary PLC are becoming a hot driving function module to be studied and developed all over the world, which is of far-reaching significance to the whole machinery manufacturing industry. It can make complex transmission mechanisms simple, and can realize precision control. It plays a good role in improving the performance and reliability of mechanical products, and for the traditional precise control achieved by relying on complex mechanical structures, Through the application of servo technology, it will become easy and can achieve the accuracy that could not be achieved before, which will greatly promote the machinery manufacturing industry. Compared with ordinary PLC control servo driver system, it has the characteristics of high cost performance and more flexible application. It supports the secondary development of ladder diagram form and brings good benefits in reliability, practicality, economy, scalability, systematization and so on

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