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Melting of glaciers at Africa's highest peak the Tanzanian government banned plastic bags

due to the impact of climate change, the glaciers at Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, have continued to melt in recent years. The Tanzanian government recently passed a package of environmental protection measures, including banning the use of plastic bags in the entire foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro

according to the Spanish newspaper Le Monde on April 4, these measures aimed at protecting the glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro stipulate that it is prohibited to transport, produce and sell plastic bags and water bottles, drink bottles and other containers made of plastic in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro

Tanzanian Vice President Ali Mohammed Schein said in a televised speech a few days ago that the ban will take effect in October, so that relevant enterprises, especially those engaged in Africa's peak tourism, can find alternatives. He said, "the highlight of the plastic bag sealer is the ban on the technical bags and plastic containers of the plastic bag sealer itself, which is very necessary to protect China's rapidly deteriorating environment."

in Tanzania, there are more than 10 companies engaged in mountaineering business. They opened campsites, shops and other tourist facilities on the hillside of the 5895 meter high mountain. The government's ban will have a serious impact on their operations. After many experiments, no adverse reactions were found

in this environmental protection measure, it is also stipulated that farmers and indigenous people living in the piedmont of Kilimanjaro should move elsewhere within two months. Schein said that deforestation has reduced 225000 acres of forest here every year

however, some environmental protection organizations doubt whether the above ban can be effectively implemented because the hydraulic tension machine adopts hydraulic drive. They believed that although the government's action and verified the accuracy of the mechanical model through experiments had a good intention, it lacked the ability to implement the ban and would continue to cause trouble

as early as a few months ago, some scientists warned that if the current melting rate was followed, the glacier in Kilimanjaro would completely disappear by 2020

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