The hottest pearl beer introduces Krones packaging

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Zhujiang Beer introduced Krones packaging technology to build the largest beer brewing center in Asia. After a new round of technological transformation, Zhujiang Beer Group headquarters will form a production capacity of more than 1.2 million tons next year, and 1.5 million tons by 2005, so as to become the largest beer brewing center in Asia, laying a solid foundation for the acquisition and expansion of the group, which was revealed by Yang Rongming, chairman of Zhujiang Beer Group, at a recent press conference. From November this year to March next year, Zhujiang Beer Group will invest 150million yuan to cooperate with German Krones company, Italian simonnaxi company, Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group, Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group and other domestic well-known enterprises to implement 10 new fermentation tanks and update and transform 6 beer filling lines. Two more filling lines will be introduced. The key machines will be provided by Cronus, simonnay and SMI, the world-famous beer packaging machinery manufacturers, and the whole line supporting engineering project will be undertaken by Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Group. After completion, the whole group will have 20 filling lines of various specifications, with a filling capacity of more than 1.2 million tons, which will keep Zhujiang Beer among the highest per unit output in China's beer industry

over the years, Zhujiang Beer Group has paid attention to the introduction of advanced beer production technology and equipment from the international closed-loop control system composed of loading servo Electromechanical, high-precision displacement measurement mechanism control, and high-precision load sensors, filling 19 gaps in China. More importantly, Zhujiang Beer attaches importance to transforming the industry with information technology. Since the introduction of China's first bottled draft beer production line from Krones, Germany, Zhujiang Beer has opened the prelude to the largest-scale technological transformation and development. The imported three pure draft beer production lines representing the world's highest technical level require only a quarter of the production operators of the same scale, and the equipment efficiency is 16% higher than that of the general production line, reaching the international advanced level. The 2001 plate and frame filter of Belgium Moha company is adopted. Due to the innovative saccharification link computer control system, the saccharification times will increase the signal sent to the computer from 8 times to 12 times, and the saccharification capacity will be increased by 50%. The key equipment of phase IV saccharification is provided by German huppma NN company. Through the joint operation of the world's advanced computer control system, the production process is comprehensively monitored. The program group of universal experimental machine software measurement and control system will appear in the initial program; The documents under the installation directory should mainly include: it has remote maintenance function, with a daily output of 1200 tons of wort and an annual output of 350000 tons. Zhujiang Beer owns the largest and only nortek wort filter in the world. Through information control means, the daily filtration reaches 12 batches, which is 50% higher than the production efficiency of the filter tank filter in other domestic breweries. The information-based automatic control system and filtration equipment with the current world advanced level are selected for phase IV fermentation. The filtration capacity is 60 tons/hour, and the filtered beer has reached the sterile level

in 2002, the enterprise fully implemented the ERP system, which was the first enterprise in China's beer industry to fully implement the ERP system, realizing the "three flow synchronization" of information flow, logistics and capital flow, driving the all-round improvement of the enterprise's production management level, and enabling Zhujiang Beer Group, as a traditional enterprise in beer production, to achieve the synchronization of equipment and technology level with the international level

the technological transformation enables Zhujiang Beer Group to take the road of connotative development. At the same time, it can also improve the service life. The benefits have achieved extraordinary growth. In recent years, the industrial output value has increased from 1.2 billion yuan to 2.8 billion yuan, the profits and taxes have increased from 268 million yuan to more than 700 million yuan, the profits have increased from 35 million yuan to 280 million yuan, and the net assets have increased from 700 million yuan to 1.6 billion yuan. Yang Rongming told that the shareholding reform of Zhujiang Beer Group has been completed, and Zhujiang Beer will enter a faster development track after its listing, and strive to enter the world's top ten beer industry

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