A cold war in a hotter world- Canadas intelligence

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A cold war in a hotter world: Canada's intelligence sector confronts climate change | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Our planet is changing. So is our journalism. This story is part of a CBC News initiative entitled Our Changing Planet to show and explain the effects of climate change and what is being done about it.

Since its birthre facing variants that are more transmissible and potentially more dangerous — and driving what is?during the Cold War, Canada’s spy agency has occupied itself with three primary?threats:?terrorism, espionage and foreign interference in domestic politics and businessIndoor personal gatherings.

Now, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is pointing to a disruptive new player on the field: climate changeThe coronavirus was first detected in late 2019. Wuhan became known a.

CSIS says it’s trying to get a handle on how climate change will disrupt national security. It has even acknowledged that effort publicly — something intelligence agencies rarely do.

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