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As a new product, integrated stoves are increasingly favored by people, but there are countless brands of integrated stoves on the market, and the poor integrated stoves have also become the most concerned problem. The following editor starts with the classification of environmental protection stoves: there are two common types of integrated stoves on the market: one is circular suction, and the other is side suction

the circular suction integrated stove belongs to an older model, and its shortcomings are also obvious. First, it is deep and sunken in appearance, and the scrubbing is not good. Second, the circular suction method, the suction outlet is close to the point of oil smoke, which is easy to absorb part of the heat. If the suction force is too high, the flame is inadvertently sucked into the stove, which is easy to cause accidents. Moreover, the requirements of the ring suction integrated environmental protection stove for the stove are also very high, and it is generally not used too much now

the integrated environmental protection stove adopts side suction, which is an improved version of ring suction. The table top uses the imported flat panel formed by wire drawing at one time, which is convenient to scrub, and the requirements for the stove are greatly reduced. The most advanced side suction lower row is used for smoking, which is clean and beautiful. Moreover, there is a certain distance between the air intake and the point of oil smoke, which greatly improves the safety of the stove

after understanding the classification of integrated stoves, the following editor will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of integrated stoves:

advantages of integrated stoves:

1. Healthy and pollution-free

integrated environmental stoves use the principle of micro aerodynamics to inhale and exhaust air on the side, creating a negative pressure area, so that the oil smoke magically swims downward, and the oil smoke does not enter people's faces, thus eliminating factors affecting health

the oil smoke of the traditional range hood spreads seriously, rising everywhere, smoking and burning, polluting the indoor air. Frequent contact will lead to oily facial skin, large pores, dull, etc. excessive inhalation will lead to obesity, slow response, get "drunken oil syndrome", and even induce lung cancer, nasal cancer, etc. Due to the updraft design, the heat rises, especially in summer, you have to work in a very hot environment. Long term kitchen work in such an environment has become a major enemy of human health

2. Ultra high lampblack rate

the lampblack rate of the integrated environmental protection stove is more than 99%. The innovative use of micro aerodynamics principle has separated the pollution source from the external environment in two directions, which can effectively eliminate the lampblack and steam before diffusion without affecting the operating line of sight and without passing through the breathing path of the human body. You can't smell any fried pepper while frying, giving you a clean and tidy kitchen environment

the traditional kitchen equipment has a long circulation distance in the lampblack space, and the lampblack spreads seriously. In the rising process, most of it spreads indoors, turning into lampblack and heat, causing the kitchen walls and items to be full of oil dirt. The kitchen sanitation work has become a cumbersome task, and the kitchen temperature rises, so entering the kitchen cannot be a pleasure

3. Truly realize low noise

the exhaust design under the integrated environmental protection stove cancels the noise source placed on the head of the human body, and applies ultra-low, noise technology and silent air duct design technology to reduce noise

relatively speaking, the range hood works in the position of human auditory organs, with high noise. Long term operation in the kitchen is easy to cause human upset, dizziness, tinnitus and dizziness

4. Integrated innovative design

integrated environmental protection stove perfectly integrates the functions of range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, microcrystalline stove, electromagnetic stove and so on. It has a unique combined and high-efficiency smoke absorption effect, realizes the maximization of the use efficiency of various functions, fully automated intelligent control, and truly realizes the requirements of people pursuing green environmental protection high-end kitchen electrical products

5. Maximize the saving of space resources

the integrated environmental protection stove n is integrated into one. The lower row design saves the space of the traditional wall mounted range hood above. The environmental protection stove kitchen cabinet is integrated into one, and the installation decoration has a high degree of freedom, providing more space for the Zhongdao style, open modern kitchen

the traditional hanging range hood design takes up the upper space of the kitchen. In order to protect the indoor environment, the kitchen must be isolated, and the space utilization rate is small. Now most kitchens are designed as Yang benches, and the installation is greatly limited

6. Modern control system

integrated intelligent control of environment-friendly stoves, organically combining gas stoves, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, etc. according to people's usual use mode, microcomputer control is simple and convenient

in traditional manual operation, the range hood is on the head of the human body, which is easy to meet when operating. It is easy to drip oil and leak oil over time. Cleaning is frequent and inconvenient

7, green environmental protection

the integrated environmental protection stove adopts the side suction and lower exhaust technology, and the smoke exhaust effect is more than 99.6%. There is no smoke smoke when cooking, and the steam will not diffuse at the edge. The room will not cause oil smoke pollution, which has the effect of environmental protection

due to the different brands and performance of integrated stoves, the price of integrated environmental stoves can be roughly divided into several levels: about 4000 yuan for ordinary stoves, about 7000 for upgraded versions with better environmental performance, and more luxury European versions made by big brands, with a price of more than 10000 yuan

8. Comprehensive upgrading of safety performance

the integrated environmental protection stove automatically cuts off the gas source when it turns off, automatically cuts off the power supply when it leaks electricity, automatically detects gas leakage, automatically sucks and exhausts odorous gas when it exceeds the standard, and has a regular reminder function. Due to the deep well manufacturing structure, it can play a role of safety protection in the process of use. In short, the safety guarantee coefficient is high

ordinary stoves are easy to turn over when used carelessly, causing accidents. The elderly and children are more dangerous to use, and the safety guarantee function is poor. Once the gas leaks, the consequences are unimaginable





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