How to avoid electric leakage of electric telescop

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How to avoid electric leakage in electric telescopic doors editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows has been loved by human beings since the advent of electric telescopic doors, but for a period of time, electric leakage occurred frequently, resulting in human body injury. So how can we prevent the electric telescopic door from being hurt

first, the electric telescopic door should avoid the opening being too narrow. Sometimes, people often leave only one person's position during the period of less traffic

second, use weak current control to avoid electric leakage injury

third, the electric telescopic door uses cushioning and overheat protection technology to prevent flickering, stopping and shaking, and overheat protection motor to prevent burning

electric telescopic doors should ensure human safety while bringing intelligent life to human beings. Consumers should choose guaranteed electric telescopic doors, and do not be greedy for small and cheap

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