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I believe that most people will lie down on the sofa as soon as they get home from work and change their shoes. At this time, if they can lie down comfortably for a while, there is no sound of leaders urging the progress of work, and they don't need to feel the congestion on the subway, they feel very good. Such a comfortable enjoyment can't be separated from a suitable sofa. Therefore, when purchasing, they must purchase according to their own needs, Now let's recommend some sofa pictures for you

sofa picture appreciation — The layout of broken flowers in the Korean pastoral style is the most direct embodiment of the pastoral style. When the sun shines into the living room in the morning, a fresh and natural feeling arises spontaneously. The flowers on the pillow seem to become more vivid. With a white wooden tea table, it gives people a sense of lightness and freedom visually. In addition, the novel and unique design and perfect streamline make the space more relaxed and natural, giving people a sense of lightness and romance

sofa picture appreciation — Modern style

for most young people, they are more inclined to this simple way of decoration. The collision between green and white is like an elf from the depths of the forest, performing a dynamic fashion dance. In addition, the interior of the sofa is filled with rich sponge, which has good resilience and is not easy to deform. The doll cotton is as smooth and delicate as silk, improving the overall comfort

sofa picture appreciation — French style

this kind of decoration always gives people a very romantic feeling. The elegant colors create a sense of dignity. From the picture, the light blue sofa cushion with broken flower curtains has an aristocratic atmosphere. The soft flannelette outside the sofa has fine texture, comfortable touch, health and environmental protection, and is very popular with the public

how to choose and buy sofa correctly

1. Measure the size first

whether you buy it yourself or ask a professional to design it, you should first know the relevant size of the placement, so that the finished product can be more suitable for the space, and at the same time, you should also know what kind of effect you want. Do not add elements randomly in the decoration process, otherwise you will have a feeling of "four unlike"

2. Sofa color

as we all know, this kind of product has always been the visual focus of the hall, so when choosing colors, we must coordinate them and achieve the effect of finishing the point. In addition, the color of sofa is best compared with the wall. For example, if the wall color is light, the sofa will choose dark color; The wall is dark, and the sofa is light; The walls are bright and the sofa is dark

3. Surface material

for the selection of materials, most users have a tangled psychology. In fact, if the budget is sufficient and tends to feel noble and generous, it is recommended to choose leather sofa. If you want to be natural and comfortable, it is recommended to choose cloth sofa

summary: Well, the above is about the content of sofa picture appreciation. I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the future sofa purchase, friends will be more handy and buy satisfactory products




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