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Bright and bright colors can activate people's emotions, which is suitable for use in restaurants and living rooms; Cool colors and low brightness colors can make people concentrate and stabilize their emotions. They are suitable for bedrooms and study. Different colors give people different feelings, such as white or light colors will give people a bright and fresh feeling; Dark color makes people feel stable and dignified; Warm colors such as red, orange and pink make people think of the sun and fire, and feel warm and unrestrained; Blue and green cool colors remind people of the sea, blue sky and forests, giving people a sense of tranquility and ease. Therefore, the ground and furniture had better be the same color as the wallpaper, otherwise too many colors in a room will appear too messy

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in terms of pattern, the long pattern wallpaper has various characteristics such as permanence, classicality, modernity and tradition, and is one of the most successful choices. Long strip wallpaper can spread the color on the whole wall in the most effective way, and it is simple and elegant, which is very easy to match with other patterns. There are many designs of this kind of pattern, with both length and width, so you must choose a pattern suitable for your room size. Because the long pattern design has the effect of guiding the line of sight upward, it will have an illusion of the height of the room, which is very suitable for shorter rooms

the brightly colored and dazzling flower pattern wallpaper is the most eye-catching. Some flower patterns are lifelike and colorful, which makes it feel ready to come out from a distance. This kind of wallpaper can reduce the sense of restraint in the room and is suitable for rooms with relatively ordinary patterns; The regular small pattern wallpaper can provide a neither exaggerated nor too plain background for the room, and the furniture you like will fully reveal its characteristics in front of this background

monochrome wallpaper is more suitable for rooms with scattered walls and too many irregular walls. If you use patterned wallpaper, the wallpaper pattern will not be best displayed because the wall surface is not coherent and centralized. The modeling wallpaper with bright lines, bold colors and abstract patterns is suitable for avant-garde consumers who like innovation and change. Such wallpaper needs the same characteristic furniture collocation




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