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Chairman Wang yuebin always believes that only when things conform to the law of development is the way of kings; Only a strong culture can create a strong economy

on the morning of May 17, the classroom of the "training class for new generation entrepreneurs" located at the Party School of Yongkang municipal Party committee was full. The new generation entrepreneurs of Yongkang top 100 tax payers gathered together to listen attentively to Wang yuebin, chairman of Wangli group,'s entrepreneurial experience over the past 20 years - "exploring the elements of development" speech

Li Xingwang, President of the Party School of Yongkang municipal Party committee, first introduced Wang yuebin's dozens of awards. He is high-profile, low-key, modest in appearance and powerful in heart. He has made Wang Li wooden door bigger and stronger step by step, building it into a leading enterprise in the door industry, showing the excellent quality of an entrepreneur. His successful experience is worth sharing, so he is specially invited to teach for our new generation of entrepreneurs

"Wang yuebin interacted with everyone before the lecture. He asked: what is the difference between the new generation and the previous generation? Someone replied: the previous generation has nothing, everything starts from scratch; the new generation has everything, what it wants, it's too happy. He hoped that the new generation of entrepreneurs would learn to use everything for me.

then, the speech officially began, and Wang yuebin asked straight away: "Why are you running around, getting up early and feeling dark?" Immediately cause everyone to think. He said that businessmen want to make more money, politicians want to be bigger officials, and everyone wants to live a happy life. Why is it difficult to achieve? Then, I shared the great wisdom of life summarized many years ago - "corn theory". Being an enterprise is like growing corn. Lack of an element may lead to no corn harvest or production reduction. Lack of an element may lead to continuous decline or closure. Success or failure depends on the elements. Everything is possible if the elements are available. It is difficult to succeed if the elements are available! Wang yuebin believes that the highest level of management is to follow the nature of Tao, rule by inaction, conform to the law, understand human nature, use your brain with your heart and drive your brain with your heart, and change "what you want him to do" into "what you want him to do"

"Wang yuebin stressed that we should pay attention to relativity in doing things, understand theory and theory, but not necessarily in practice; if theory doesn't work, it must not work.

he said that being a person is about gratitude and honesty, and gratitude can not only be good for others, but also make yourself better. If you are grateful to others, others will continue to help you; he said that dishonesty is equal to selling yourself, fools think they deceive others, and wise people know to harm themselves. Make products Quality stresses innovation, management stresses responsibility, competitiveness and result orientation. At the same time, he also incisively analyzed four types of people, three types of enterprises, and three types of quality management enterprises... Wang yuebin's unique views, superhuman wisdom, and successful experience have aroused strong resonance and continuous applause from the new generation of entrepreneurs present


as a leading figure in leading the trend of the world door lock industry, Wang yuebin took the lead in the reform and made outstanding achievements in promoting enterprise reform and development. He has successively won" China's honest entrepreneur "," China's top ten meritorious figures in the door industry "," China's top ten innovative entrepreneurs in reform "," Zhejiang May 1st Labor Medal "," National May 1st Brand Construction Award ", 2015 brand China's door industry person of the year China's real estate "industry chain leader", the first ten "Yongkang craftsmen" in Yongkang, and the first "Bawu craftsmen" in Jinhua

behind the halo, Wang yuebin is a studious person. He is a part-time professor of Wuhan University. He not only often listens to experts' lectures all over the country, but also often summarizes his own experience. His "300000 annual salary thinking" has always inspired the promising youth of Wang Li group. His "corn theory" and "willing theory" summarized the inevitable laws behind success from his own perspective. Wang yuebin always believes that only when things conform to the law of development is the way of kings; Only a strong culture can create a strong economy





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