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Time flies by. Looking back on 2016, I have seen a hard journey, bearing the courage of Hennessy people. Tears and sweat will only create more prosperous Hennessy doors and windows

time flies in a flash

looking back, I saw the hardships along the way in 2016

bearing the courage of Hennessy people

tears and sweat will only create more prosperous Hennessy doors and windows

achievements of every Hennessy people

brave ambition

stoop down and do small things

2016 new year

new year party

"be brave and ambitious, bend down and do small things" It was the theme of the new year's party that Chairman Zeng Qingwei personally ordered in 2016. Founded Hennessy brand for 12 years, he has always set an example, implemented a pragmatic and enterprising working attitude, and asked employees to inherit this spirit

terminal elite training program

Australia and New Zealand delegation

Hennessy doors and windows terminal elite program is mainly implemented for store managers and shopping guides in terminal stores. The head office will assess the personnel of terminal stores nationwide, select the best elites, and provide them with opportunities to study abroad

ace store manager special training camp

facing the service-oriented society

ace store manager

special training camp

the market is changing, and terminal store managers should transform according to the trend! As the right-hand man of the boss, ACE store managers are extremely important in terminal stores. They must upgrade from sales talents to management talents to face the service-oriented society! Strong store manager, strong terminal

brand regional cooperation and development strategy

Jiangsu United Chamber of Commerce was officially established

on April 16, 2016, Jiangsu Xiangshui store's refitting and opening ceremony ended perfectly! Taking the opportunity of the opening ceremony, representatives of major franchisees in Jiangsu Province were gathered to attend the Hennessy doors and windows Jiangsu regional group marketing seminar to discuss the brand regional development strategy

technical information transmission of new products

chief designer of solidi Australia

Mattew, chief product designer of solidi Australia, visited Hennessy headquarters to prepare for the new product release of the 2016 Guangzhou Construction Expo, and transmitted the technical information of new products to Hennessy doors and windows to improve a new round of product architecture system

shiny debut Guangzhou Construction Expo 2016

the exhibition hall on the same day


Hennessy doors and windows shiny debut the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo! The exhibition hall was full of people. According to the statistics of Hennessy staff on the first day, the flow of people exceeded 10000. This year's exhibition hall is the largest investment of resources since Hennessy doors and windows' previous exhibitions, with a total area of more than 400 square meters

create a big era

build "global environmental protection doors and windows business"

on site of mergers and acquisitions and new product launch

in July 2016, Hennessy doors and windows announced the successful merger and acquisition of Australian solidi doors and windows enterprises. At the same time, the overseas technology research and development center in Australia was officially launched, taking a solid step towards the construction of "global environmental protection doors and windows business"

new enterprise official website launched

upgrade Internet deployment

official website home page interface

with the deployment and upgrading of Hennessy doors and windows' strategy of "global environmental protection doors and windows business", the new enterprise official website comprehensively displays all products, focuses on high-end simple style, deepens column content, presents the brand's business philosophy and corporate culture in a more three-dimensional manner, and ensures that users have a more intuitive information reading experience when browsing the official website

Jiangsu high tech plant is about to start

plant overview

after four years of careful layout and planning, Jiangsu high tech plant has entered the final preparation stage in 2016 and officially put into production in 2017. Hennessy Jiangsu plant will be responsible for docking with overseas R & D centers, introducing foreign advanced door and window technology concepts into China and producing the latest door and window products

the year of the monkey is a year for the rapid development of Hennessy doors and windows

in 2017, we are already preparing

ready to go

grasp opportunities

face challenges

stick to the happiness of every family with the faith of Hennessy people

look forward to 2017




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