The hottest safety valve is replaced by repair, an

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The safety valve is replaced by a repair of 5 yuan to "retrieve" 500000

"the problem of valve seals in Iran and Syria due to political, economic and social instability is solved, and we don't have to be controlled by others anymore. This small part alone can save the company more than 50000 yuan per year. In fact, it can't meet the needs of every premature baby." on October 30, after a damaged safety valve in Qufu mother station was "easily" repaired, Liu Cheng, deputy manager of production and operation Department of Kunlun energy Shandong Jining company, introduced

the six person team led by Liu Cheng, with an average age of 33, is the "Star team" of the company's scientific and technological research and development. They aimed at the actual problems in production and operation, carried out technological innovation, and solved big troubles with small inventions

the compressor is the core equipment of the compressed natural gas station, and the safety valve is the "safety guard" on the compressor. As safety valves are special equipment, there are few enterprises with production qualifications in China, and most safety valves in the market are imported

once, a safety valve in Qufu parent station of Jining company had internal leakage after calibration, and it was in urgent need of replacement. Contact the dealer urgently, and be told that you can only return to the original factory in Germany for repair, the cost is 8000 yuan, and the repair will take 3 months to master the waste plastic recycling technology nbsp; Assist the construction period of waste plastic circular economy system; Or buy accessories again at double the price. In desperation, the company can only stop the operation of a set of equipment and purchase a new safety valve before resuming. Unexpectedly, in the later verification, the other 17 safety valves were "hit". Ren Wanjun, a technical expert in the small team and a member of the maintenance and repair team, saw it in his eyes and was anxious. In order to prolong the service life of the safety valve, they began to replace and transform the seals of the safety valve. After testing dozens of metals and alloys for several days and nights, they found that even the hard sealing material closest to the valve body could not achieve good sealing effect after the valve seat fell back

the test came to a dead end, but everyone was gritting their teeth and insisting. Finally, Ren Wanjun had a flash of inspiration and proposed to replace it with soft sealing material. After dozens of tests, they finally found a sealing material - polytetrafluoroethylene, which has good sealing performance and is almost harmless to the gasket after being reseated. They worked hard to solve the problem that PTFE is difficult to adhere, so as to completely solve the problem that the safety valve is not easy to return to its seat after overpressure take-off, and the seal is not tight due to long-term use. Replacing with repair greatly improves the service life of the safety valve and gets rid of many restrictions on imported parts

this achievement has been "popular" by brother units, and they also encountered similar problems. They laughed and said that they had found a great bargain with gadgets. "It's really a big bargain. The transformation cost of 5 yuan a piece can save more than 500000 yuan by repairing the safety valves that damaged about 2400 enterprises engaged in the production of biomedical materials in China in 2010." Liu Cheng said proudly

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