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Sailaimo and Jiangsu Tianyu won the first place in the brand satisfaction of pumps and valves respectively

at the beginning of 2013, China Water United National Environmental Protection Technology (valves, pumps) management and evaluation Engineering Technology Center held the "annual sewage treatment plant equipment user satisfaction survey" selection activity, aiming to provide objective and fair reference and reference for the majority of sewage treatment equipment users

at the beginning of 2013, the national environmental protection technology (valves, pumps) management and evaluation engineering technology center of China Water Union held the selection activity of "annual sewage treatment plant equipment user satisfaction survey", aiming to provide objective and fair reference and reference for the majority of sewage treatment equipment users. After months of investigation, statistics and analysis, the selection results were finally announced at the "2013 (seventh) Environmental Technology Forum" held on June 28. This equipment selection has received positive responses from more than 400 equipment brands (valves, pumps) at home and abroad, and a total of 146 equipment brands have won this honor

among them, Jiangsu Tianyu, Canada tejie'an, Guangzhou new land, Andritz, Hashi, Japan PepsiCo, kesby, Yixing norpen, Jiangsu first ring road, Jiangsu fumiao, sailaimo, Jiangsu Tianyu, Dow and Xinxing cast pipes respectively obtained grids, disinfection, sludge scraper and suction machines, sludge thickening, monitoring and detection, blowers, agitators, aeration, decanters, reagents, pumps, valves Membrane and pipe fittings ranked first in 14 categories of equipment satisfaction brands

according to Li Bin of China water, in this survey, China Water inspected 10 sewage treatment plants on the spot, collected more than 1700 equipment use samples from 124 urban sewage treatment plants, and mastered the first-hand survey data for front-line employees of sewage plants for equipment satisfaction evaluation and analysis. In addition, based on the principle of practicality, according to the suggestions of the director, chief engineer and well-known experts in the industry of the sewage treatment plant, this selection determines six selection indicators - use effect, equipment failure rate, after-sales service, cost performance, operation cost and maintenance cost. The fracture of the sample is always broken on both sides. According to the data analysis, the user satisfaction index of the equipment is: equipment failure rate, use effect, after-sales service, cost performance, operation cost, maintenance cost

the market share of domestic equipment has increased steadily

according to statistics, domestic brands account for 65.7% of the award-winning brands. Compared with last year, it increased steadily. Especially in grating, mud scraper and suction machine and decanter, only people's understanding of technical talents has changed the market share and performance quality of water dispensers, aerators, valves and other equipment, which are recognized by users. This also shows from one side that China has outstanding advantages in mechanical water treatment equipment, with high localization; In the monitoring and testing, pumps, agitators, membrane components and membrane modules, due to the core technology in developed countries, immature technology transfer and other reasons, this kind of equipment accounts for a high proportion abroad

five problems and Countermeasures in the sewage equipment market

according to Li Bin, according to the survey results, there are five problems in China's sewage equipment market at present: 1. There are a large number of equipment enterprises, fierce competition and scattered market; 2. The degree of equipment standardization is low, and the advantages of domestic equipment brands are basically non-standard equipment; 3. The level of equipment quality is uneven, and the service system is lack of standardization, standardization and integration; 4. The main core processing equipment still relies on imports; 5. Equipment users lack the basis for model selection in the bidding and procurement process

based on the above problems, Li Bin proposed to improve the equipment standards and specifications and promote the improvement of equipment standardization level; At the same time, while enhancing cooperation between enterprises and strengthening industrial chain coordination, we should strengthen inter industry exchanges, timely grasp the needs of industry users, and improve the quality of our products and services; In addition, we need to learn from foreign excellent technology to improve the level of scientific and technological innovation; Equipment enterprises also need to strengthen brand publicity and after-sales service; Finally, we should strengthen cooperation with financial institutions to help equipment enterprises transform from traditional manufacturing to service industry

Li Bin also introduced that automobile lightweight is mainly reflected in automobile optimization design and the utilization of alloy materials and non-metallic materials, and introduced the organization and implementation Department of this survey - China Water Technology Promotion Center. The center is a technology demonstration and promotion department under the national environmental technology management and evaluation engineering technology center. It was officially established in January 2013. Its main responsibilities and missions are to explore excellent demonstration technologies for the industry, establish industry technology models, promote the transformation of technological achievements, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the environmental industry with technology

finally, a simple and grand award ceremony of "2012-2013 annual sewage treatment plant equipment user satisfaction survey" was held at the "2013 (seventh) Environmental Technology Forum", so that colleagues in the industry can jointly witness this glorious moment for the award-winning enterprises, and also hope that the equipment brands related to sewage treatment can continue to work hard, innovate and make progress, and contribute to the environmental protection dream of "clear water"

the picture shows the selection results of the user satisfaction survey released by Li Bin, head of the Industrial Development Department of the Jiangnan industrial concentration area of the sewage treatment plant in China.

the picture shows the award ceremony site of the annual sewage treatment plant equipment user satisfaction equipment brand

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