The hottest safety work situation in Zibo is good,

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Zibo's safety work situation is good, and industries such as glass are growing rapidly

although the cold current of the global financial crisis has not yet disappeared, and the market situation is still complex and volatile, the representative manufacturers of the national day long are steel plants such as Pangang, Chengde Jianlong, and 4 chuanchuanwei. During the holiday, Zibo's enterprise production is still booming, and the majority of employees adhere to the leading production line, making contributions to ensuring the stable growth of the city's industrial production

on October 6, in the float glass production workshop of Jinjing group located in Zibo High tech Zone, the machine rumbled, and the workers operated carefully in their respective positions. The relevant responsible person of float glass business department of Jinjing group told: "In the face of the complex market situation, the cadres and workers of Jinjing group have firm confidence, rise to the difficulties, act actively, seize the opportunities in the challenges, and always maintain the experimental force that the fixture can bear. Good mental state and high morale are a very important indicator of the fixture. Since this year, new projects such as heat absorbing glass and coated glass have been put into production, and the production of the enterprise has maintained a good development momentum. During the festival, the group has all The production workshop is running at full capacity, and more than 1500 workers are working hard in the production line "

according to incomplete statistics, among the 3338 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the city, 2537 enterprises insisted on production during the festival, accounting for 75.7% of the total, and 446600 employees insisted on production. It is estimated that the total industrial output value will be 13.5 billion yuan, an increase of 9% year-on-year, and the industrial added value will be 3.512 billion yuan, an increase of 15.23% year-on-year

in order to ensure the stability of safety production, Zibo Safety Committee has carefully arranged and carefully deployed the work of safety production during the national day. In combination with the autumn safety production inspection activities organized by Zibo City, all departments and units at all levels have carried out "three actions" for safety production, carefully organized and carried out safety inspection, practically strengthened safety production inspection in key areas, key places, key parts and key links such as mines, production workshops, scenic spots and densely populated places, and formulated a 24-hour leadership shift system, Make sure people have a happy and peaceful life, and beep to prompt "double festival" after the end of each experiment

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