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SAIC Hongyan: 21 days, personalized customized heavy trucks arrive

SAIC Hongyan: 21 days, personalized customized heavy trucks arrive

, according to sample specifications and experimental requirements, China Construction Machinery Information

heavy trucks can also be customized. Recently, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area enterprise SAIC Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC Hongyan") accelerated its intelligent and digital transformation, launched C2B personalized intelligent customized platform - "spider smart selection", took the lead in realizing personalized intelligent "digital car making" among domestic heavy truck manufacturers, helping users realize "what you see is what you get" and buy dream trucks that meet their requirements

let front-end users have the freedom to choose

it is understood that "spider smart selection" is a platform based on Internet and cloud computing technology to create customized products and services for users. Users only need to check the operating conditions, transportation of goods and other conditions on the platform, or freely choose the powertrain, appearance color, cab interior style, intelligent system, in just a few minutes, You can create vehicle configurations that meet your actual needs

"in the past, the customization of trucks was a traditional order system, but now through the interconnection technology when the set value is ≥ 10% FS within ± 1.0% of the set value, the external connection of the system is realized, so that the front-end users have the freedom of choice." Jiang Jianhua, deputy director of SAIC Hongyan marketing department, said that through big data, the system can help users choose trucks rationally according to actual transportation conditions or personalized comfort needs. With this platform, the top-level configuration that originally only appeared on the flagship model has also accelerated the implementation of "made in China 2025" and can appear on user-defined models according to demand

"it is not easy to realize customization in the production of heavy trucks." Jiang Jianhua said that compared with the customization of cars, the customization of heavy trucks should consider the economy, carrying capacity, power, etc. of vehicles, which is relatively more complex. Through intelligent upgrading, users have increased the speed by about 30% from ordering to delivery, and delivery can be achieved in about 21 days

this is only the first step of SAIC Hongyan C2B mode. With the continuous development of C2B mode, the function of "spider smart selection" will also be extended to the field of automotive services, from automotive information, user social networking to selecting, tasting, placing orders, buying cars, and then to subsequent vehicle maintenance and repair, which can be realized on this platform

the efficiency of intelligent transformation robot is higher

the reason why it can realize the customization of trucks is inseparable from the intelligent upgrading of SAIC Hongyan production line

SAIC Hongyan guoliu cab welding production line reconstruction Jinan testing machine factory 2017 planning project core business - Automatic cab floor and assembly line has been officially put into use recently and has entered the mass production stage

it is understood that the reconstruction project of the welding production line of the national six cab has been launched since March 2018. After the reconstruction is completed in January 2019, the two main goals of the old production line being compatible with the new products of the national six and the productivity improvement of the welding cab are achieved. 25 robots are put into the whole production line. Except for manual feeding inspection, all assembly, welding and transfer processes are completed automatically by robots

"the automation transformation can greatly reduce the manual production capacity. The single shift of this line can reduce 24 workers, and the production capacity can be increased from jph10.8 to jph15. That is to say, in the past, this line could weld and assemble 10.8 cabs an hour, but now it can weld and assemble 15 cabs an hour." Luo Qilin, director of SAIC Hongyan cab production department, said that the use of robots not only improves production efficiency, but also greatly improves the accuracy of assembly and welding, and ensures quality

although there are many robots in the automobile manufacturing industry today, there are not many enterprises using the whole robot production line in the heavy truck field

"intelligent manufacturing is an important main direction for the upgrading and development of the manufacturing industry. We actively explore and carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading with the support of the government and the group." The relevant person in charge of SAIC Hongyan said that in the next step, SAIC Hongyan will gradually realize the full automation transformation of other assembly areas, and comprehensively promote the implementation of digital and intelligent aspects of national six new product R & D and manufacturing in 2019

it is understood that the automobile industry in Liangjiang New Area is developing rapidly, and has now completed the production capacity layout of 8 automobile enterprises with an output value of 3.7 million complete vehicles, 1 million transmissions, 4.5 million engines and 500 billion yuan, gathering well-known automobile manufacturers such as Chang'an Automobile, Chang'an Ford, Beijing Hyundai, SAIC GM Wuling, Lifan, SAIC Hongyan and a number of well-known domestic and foreign parts enterprises. It is expected that by 2020, luxury cars, medium and high-grade cars Small cars, SUVs and special vehicles should be matched with a reasonable product structure

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