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Sail sail: "world AI innovation competition" is launched in Shanghai today

Shanghai Stock Exchange China Securities News (song Weiping) on April 25, 2019 world AI innovation competition (aiwin) was officially launched in Changyang Valley, Shanghai, As the addition of copper and rare earth is beneficial to improve the electrocatalytic activity and corrosion resistance of the alloy, the selection of sail (super AI leader), which is an important award of the world AI conference, was also launched simultaneously

as an important activity to create an ecological environment for the development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai, this competition takes the theme of enlightening intelligence and setting sail for the future. It is guided by creating an innovative atmosphere of artificial intelligence, accelerating the accumulation of artificial intelligence talents, mining excellent projects of artificial intelligence, preliminarily estimating the maximum load required to stretch the specimen, and expanding the international influence of artificial intelligence. By setting tracks with different themes, it recruits global artificial intelligence technical talents and teams, Provide a strong platform support for Shanghai to build an artificial intelligence highland

Zhang Ying, chief engineer of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, Shi Wenjun, deputy inspector of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission and director of Shanghai Economic and Information Development Research Center, Wu Jianxiong, chairman of instrument and Electronics Group, the main sponsor of Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance, and Jiang Changjun, convener of Shanghai artificial intelligence strategic expert committee and President of Donghua University, jointly launched the competition

it is reported that the world AI innovation competition (aiwin) has been highly praised in the industry since it was first launched during the world AI conference last year. Last year, more than 500 teams from more than 10 countries participated in the competition. This year's competition will continue to carry on the concept of high specification, professionalism, internationalization and marketization. Under the overall planning of the Organizing Committee of the world artificial intelligence conference, it will be organized by the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, the Shanghai Economic and Information Development Research Center, and co organized by the port area development and construction management committee, Xuhui District Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai mani Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., Xinsong robot Co., Ltd Songhong Intelligent Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. provides support for the operation of the event

at the launching ceremony, the event organizers awarded partner certificates to enterprises and platform organizations such as Pacific Insurance Group, tengsuo technology, Fenglin group, youkede, sap (SAP), Elsevier (Elsevier), ETO medical, national AI venture capital service alliance, etc. these enterprises will jointly help the event create a technology, industry and application ecosystem of AI in Shanghai

as a high-level AI innovation competition, this year's competition will focus on the four themes of health care, finance, transportation and industry, set up two special technical challenges for driverless and robots, and a comprehensive field application competition covering four themes to tighten good luck foot nuts, and will carry out talent growth camps focusing on AI talent training in conjunction with top industry enterprises, well-known universities, international innovation institutions, etc, As well as supporting activities such as enterprise acceleration camp, which focuses on the development of AI enterprises. The competition will be held from May to June, the finals will be completed in July, and the roadshow will be held in August. The projects of the winning team in the competition will participate in the selection of the sail award, and have the opportunity to compete for the award together with the annual major AI innovation projects recommended by sail review experts from all over the world

in addition, this competition will also be closely combined with the new direction of 5g+ai. The driverless challenge held in the port driverless closed test area will test the ability of the global driverless team to coordinate the vehicle and road and drive safely in a 5g network environment. The scenario application competition will also throw new challenges to the world around the application of 5g+ai in medicine and finance

Zhang Ying, chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, said that through the competition, Shanghai should explore the formation of a long-term artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem, rely on the brand effect of the competition, further gather the resources of enterprises and experts, strengthen the professionalism, high-end and international influence of the competition, and gradually explore the formation of a pattern of government guidance, enterprise operation and academic interaction

this world AI innovation competition is held with the help of different enterprises in Shanghai AI industrial ecosystem, which give full play to their respective advantages. Among them, some international leading enterprises settled in Shanghai, such as SAP, Elsevier and UBS China, have imported international experience into the competition, bringing computing power, experts and data resources to serve the world; There are also local growing enterprises such as youkede, Yitu medical, Hengdao pathology, Hejing, big experts and so on, which provide support from resources such as computing power and experts for the competition. The competition also cooperates with Pacific Insurance Group and tengsuo technology to jointly build aiwin, a Shanghai AI brand IP, from the perspective of brand strategy and scene combination. Zhang Ying said

Shi Wenjun introduced that the industrial ecology of artificial intelligence in Shanghai has initially formed a herringbone layout along the Huangpu River. With Xuhui and Pudong as the core, Yangpu, Changning, Minhang, Jing'an and other districts are based on the development of characteristic industrial agglomeration, which can be described as East-West agglomeration and multi-point linkage. In the process of the competition, the competition will also be linked with Pudong, Yangpu, Xuhui, Lingang and other regions to give full play to the industrial advantages of their respective regions, Under the guidance of the new direction of smart +, we will carry out activities such as seminars salons, talent training, enterprise acceleration camps, etc. around the theme of the event, which are rich in content and make this kind of fiber into non-woven fabrics. On the basis of running the competition well, we will help attract talents and enterprises in the region and promote the implementation of the results of the competition

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