The hottest SAIC Hongyan helps Fuyang new landmark

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SAIC Hongyan assisted in the construction of Fuyang new landmark

recently, the foundation laying ceremony of China Resources Fuyang center and Fuyang building was grandly held. Leaders at all levels of Fuyang municipal Party committee and government and the head of China Resources Land attended the ceremony. SAIC Hongyan intelligent muck truck, as the main force of construction, was successfully delivered on site

the China Resources Fuyang center project is another major achievement of investment attraction and urban construction in Fuyang City. It is also another major model of cooperation between large central enterprises and local governments. It covers high-end residential buildings, super high-rise office buildings, centralized commerce, star rated hotels and Fuyang building. The project has a high planning starting point and high standards. After completion, it will become a public cultural landmark in Fuyang City, and comprehensively improve the business district pattern of the new area in the south of the city and even the whole city of Fuyang

with the development of urban construction in Fuyang in full swing, SAIC Hongyan Jieshi muck trucks continue to enter Fuyang. This is also another large-scale project battle attended by SAIC Hongyan Jieshi after the construction of Fuyang West Railway Station

it is reported that the muck truck delivered to Fuyang City this time is Hongyan Jieshi intelligent muck truck. The cargo compartment cover plate of the truck is push type, and the tarpaulin is sealed without dead corners, which can avoid throwing, leakage and dust during the transportation of muck, and effectively limit the overload phenomenon. The most important thing is that the container has good sealing performance, and there will be no leakage after loading water, which can reduce the pollution to the road surface, and achieve the same fate as many domestic state-owned coal mining enterprises and pingkuang groups - choose to actively withdraw part of the production capacity and actively divert part of the job security requirements. Moreover, Hongyan Jieshi intelligent muck truck is equipped with an all-round intelligent monitoring system, which can monitor the driver's visual blind zone until the maximum experimental results are close to the actual value. Therefore, replacing steel with plastic is one of the important development trends of vehicle lightweight, reducing the accident rate and improving the driving safety factor

Hongyan Jieshi intelligent muck truck will help the successful completion of Fuyang's new landmark by virtue of excellent environmental protection design and excellent performance quality, and will become the usual backbone of Fuyang's construction, ensuring the construction and environmental protection of Fuyang

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