The hottest sails, brave forward through the wind

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Sail high, ride the wind and waves, move forward bravely

things change, the stars change, and the years don't live. In the twinkling of an eye, time flashes on the intersection of the old and the new

at this moment when new peaches are exchanged for old ones and everything is renewed, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the new and old customers and friends from all walks of life who have made contributions and given full support to the development of Liaoning Han's Guanhua, and extend my cordial greetings: Happy New Year

at the same time, I also express my heartfelt thanks to the employees and family members who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company, and extend my cordial greetings: Happy New Year

at this time of year, we should conscientiously sum up the past, look forward to the future with confidence, count the gains of the year, sort out the gains and losses of the year, and make ambitious plans for the new year, with joy and anxiety; There are meditations and visions. To get rid of fatigue, gather energy, tidy up your mood and pack your bags is to start better in the new year

looking back on the past year, it was a year in full swing for Guanhua of Liaoning Han nationality

in this year, despite many difficulties, we knew that it was difficult and easy to do. With unremitting efforts, various indicators continued to maintain rapid growth, especially achieving a record high profit

this year, the company successfully completed the relocation of the old plant to the new plant; It marks the enterprise's progress towards international modernization

in this year, three ideas for establishing a new corporate culture were put forward: establishing an efficient, orderly and civilized operation process; Establish a fair, open and just operating mechanism; Establish a public image of green environmental protection, low carbon and energy conservation

this year, the main products of the enterprise were awarded the top ten most influential brands in the printing industry by the first industrial products industry selection of tiangongzun in 2010, sponsored by 14 ministries and commissions

this year, the company won the honor of lucky Huaguang cup, one of the top ten national brands in the printing industry in 2009

the middle layer material of football protects football from external damage. In this year, enterprise development was included in the outline of Liaoning cultural industry revitalization plan. The outline clearly proposes to speed up the development of Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. and strive to build it into a large enterprise group integrating printing equipment manufacturing, printing consumables, printing accessories, and printing packaging

this year, the 12th Five year strategic plan of the enterprise was formulated, and a grand blueprint for the development of the enterprise in the next five years was drawn up

this year, China used plastic ropes to tie things. The Seventh Council of the printing association was changed, and our company was elected as a monofilament unit with a vice director higher than 3:1

looking forward to the new year, it will be a magnificent year for Liaoning Han nationality Guanhua

the 12th Five Year Plan is like a scroll, which will unfold slowly and become more magnificent

2011 is the first year of the 12th Five year strategic plan, a key year, a management year, and a turning point year. In this year, the company will accelerate its development, achieve self transcendence, break through historical limitations, and complete self transformation like an eagle to fly higher, farther and longer; Like Phoenix Nirvana, standing on Gaogang, welcoming the rising sun, singing a new voice

our vision is to be the most influential supplier of rapid printing equipment integration in the world

the core values of our enterprise are: customer trust; Employees are happy, society respects, shareholders are satisfied,

our corporate culture style is: fast, leading, service, sharing

our core competitiveness is to provide affordable, safe and profitable brand services for 2. Fatigue testing machine: it is an engine that controls the operation of fatigue testing machine components

the pursuit of corporate vision, the embodiment of core values, the display of corporate culture and style and the exertion of core competitiveness are inseparable from the platform of creating value for customers. The enterprise development policy in 2011 embodies this will

all major indicators in 2011 will continue to maintain moderate growth on the basis of the indicators completed in 2010, laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive completion of the 12th Five year strategic goals

throughout 2011, challenges and opportunities coexist, but opportunities outweigh challenges

we have confidence, ability, wisdom and courage to seize opportunities and meet challenges

Lao Tzu, a wise old man in China, said: those who know others are wise, and those who know themselves are wise. He who wins is strong, and he who wins is strong. He who is content is rich

heaven moves healthily, and a gentleman should constantly strive for self-improvement

share this with friends and employees who are silently moving forward on the road in 2011

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