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Safety protection, civilized construction and environmental protection measures

1. Safety construction assurance measures

1) hang "one figure and five boards" at the prominent position in front of the door of the construction site, that is, the general layout diagram, construction bulletin board, project overview board, civilized construction board, fire protection system board, project manager, seven inch photo and supervision number board

2) set up safety signs on site according to the general plan of safety signs and hang them in eye-catching positions

3) managers and workers at the construction site must wear colored or differentiated helmets, on-site commanders, quality, safety and other inspectors must wear obvious armbands or signs, and warning signs or warning red lights should be hung in dangerous construction areas

4) new workers shall receive strict three-level safety education and be assessed according to the well-known safety technical operation procedures. Those who are not good shall not be allowed to work. Special operation workers are required to work with certificates after professional training

5) the on-site safety engineer shall cooperate with the construction workers to inspect and maintain the use of safety facilities and supervise the implementation of safety rules and regulations

6) you must wear a good helmet when entering the construction site. It is forbidden to wear half high heels, high-heeled shoes or slippers, and shoes with nails that are easy to slide. You must wear a safety belt when working at heights

7) the person in charge of the project will hold a safety meeting every Monday, and the safety discussion activities will be carried out in teams and groups, so that everyone can establish a strong sense of safety

8) at the same time of issuing the construction assignment, the safety technical disclosure must be carried out in written form, and the signature of the person in charge of the task must be accepted

9) establish a pre shift meeting system. Every day before going to work, the foreman organizes each team to hold a pre shift meeting to arrange tasks and disclose safety production

10) all kinds of live equipment must have good protective grounding and neutral connection, and the transmission part must have a protective cover

11) the on-site power consumption is TN-S system (three-phase five wire system), the distribution box is complete with lock, waterproof boards are nailed inside and on the top of the box, one machine and one switch are equipped with leakage protection device, the fuse of the switch blade shall not be replaced by other metals, non electricians shall not connect wires indiscriminately, and red lights shall be set in dangerous areas at night

12) the edge protection facilities are managed by the quality safety team, and special facilities are designed and processed according to specific parts. The installation should be firm to prevent arbitrary movement

13) strictly enforce the fire prevention system and prohibit the use of electric stoves. Fire extinguishers and fire hydrants are equipped in warehouses, dormitories and buildings according to the fire code. The core advantage of this model is that the car body adopts carbon fiber composite materials and it is forbidden to stack things

14) the project safety engineer shall establish the archives of industrial accidents, pay close attention to the hidden dangers of safety production, and timely put forward the hidden danger elimination plan in writing to the project manager

2. safety cooperation measures for teams and groups

1) all teams and groups are uniformly managed and deployed by the on-site safety leading group, and the safety work arrangement is carried out under the unified leadership

2) the safety facilities on site shall not be demolished casually between teams for any reason

3) if safety regulations are found between teams, immediately stop them. If safety hazards are found, immediately report them to the safety leading group, so that the project manager can eliminate them in time

4) teams should actively learn safety knowledge and strengthen the awareness of "safety first, prevention first"

3. technical measures for safety of temporary electricity use

1) electrical operators shall strictly implement the safety operation procedures for electricity use, and regularly inspect and test electrical equipment and tools

2) electricians are strictly forbidden to operate with electricity, no wiring with load on the line, and use electrical appliances correctly

3) the metal shell of electrical equipment must be grounded or neutral protected to achieve "2. Oscillation frequency: 100cycles/min (1.66hz), one switch for one machine, one leakage for one box"

4) it is forbidden to replace all fuses of electrical equipment with other metals, and they must match the capacity of the equipment

5) it is strictly forbidden to use plastic wires in the construction site, and the model and section of all insulated wires must meet the temporary power design requirements

6) electricians must work with certificates. During operation, they should wear all insulation protective articles. Illegal operation is strictly prohibited

7) safety voltage must be used for mobile lighting

8) in case of electrical fire, cut off the power supply in time and put out the fire with dry sand or dry powder extinguisher

9) construction organization design and safety technical operation procedures must be implemented for temporary power construction on the construction site

4. fire prevention assurance measures for key parts

1) fire prevention requirements for chemicals

the place should have good ventilation to prevent the formation of explosion limit concentration, causing fire or explosion

all ignition sources are forbidden in the construction site, and explosion-proof electrical equipment should be used

operation rules and procedures must be strictly observed during construction

materials that can decompose, heat and spontaneously ignite in use should be properly managed

the storage and management of chemicals shall comply with the warehouse fire safety management system

2) fire prevention requirements for warehouse keepers

warehouse keepers should carefully implement the warehouse waterproof safety management plan

be familiar with the nature of stored items, fire protection requirements and fire extinguishing methods during storage

inventory items should be classified and stored in piles, and the width of the main channel should not be less than 2m

items should be checked before warehousing, and they can only be warehoused after confirming that there are no hidden dangers such as kindling

smoking and open flames are strictly prohibited in the warehouse

clean the combustible materials in the warehouse at any time to keep the ground clean

it is strictly prohibited to set up offices, rest rooms or changing rooms, duty rooms and various processing operations in the warehouse

5. Safety discipline on the construction site

1) non staff cannot enter the construction site without permission

2) anyone entering the construction site must correctly wear a good helmet

3) it is strictly forbidden for staff to wear barefoot, high heels, hard soled shoes, windbreaker, skirt, etc. during working hours

4) in the construction site, no one is allowed to fight and play

5) workers are strictly forbidden to work after drinking and fatigue

6) it is strictly forbidden to bring children into the construction site

7) if the pendulum cannot be hung without electricity or the bolt cannot be disengaged, the pendulum can be hung or the bolt cannot be disengaged. When the bolt cannot be disengaged, the relevant parts can be removed and cleaned with kerosene. The operator should not pull and connect the electricity arbitrarily

8) no one is allowed to take fire at the construction site, and the fire taking must be approved by the superior department

9) smoking and cigarette butts are strictly prohibited in the construction site

10) it is strictly forbidden to throw anything from high to low

11) no one is allowed to dismantle or move safety protection facilities, safety signs, etc. without permission, no one is allowed to enter various safety warning areas

6. Safety protection measures for personnel entering the site

1) safety helmets must be inspected by relevant departments before they can be used

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