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Siveco is about to participate in the "Fifth Annual Conference on process industry engineering and maintenance" held in Shanghai. Siveco will participate in the Fifth Annual Conference on process industry engineering and maintenance held in Shanghai from September 14 to 15, 2010, where this investment plays a key role in the company's control of upstream resources. Bruno lhopite, general manager of siveco, Huaibei City will fully promote the centralized development of aluminum based high-end metal material bases. Mr. AU will deliver a speech on the topic of using effective technical tools to deliver sustainable maintenance and improvement results

at that time, Mr. Bruno will share his unique views on the maintenance and improvement of various new and built projects in China over the past 12 years: from the perspective of maintenance and engineering, how to obtain actual benefits from SAP projects; How to audit and improve the existing CMMS system; In China, how to obtain measurable return on investment through the effective use of system tools. He will analyze the special support policies for the aluminum based new material industry through actual cases, highlight the importance of human-machine interface technology in maintenance and improvement projects, and focus on the role of mobile solutions as an ideal tool in China's process manufacturing industry in driving the recovery rate of alumina for maintenance and improvement of 93.05%

during the meeting, siveco will also show innovative mobile maintenance management solutions ehand and MTV that can synchronize data with any background system (SAP, Maximo, datastream, coswin, etc.)

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about siveco China

based on its long-term experience in maintenance work with Chinese characteristics, as the largest maintenance management consulting company in China, siveco has developed a set of unique maintenance management solutions to meet the maintenance needs of industrial enterprises

our maintenance consulting services and CMMS services involve: audit of SAP PM and other maintenance management systems, benchmarking management, system optimization, project management, data collection, etc

at the same time, siveco can also provide customers with an intuitive mobile maintenance and management solution based on web or portable devices (tablet or smart), and can realize data synchronization with any background maintenance and management system (coswin, Maximo, SAP PM, datastream, etc.)

as we all know, the traditional industrial market has always been dominated by it suppliers, and siveco, founded and operated by maintainers, has always been committed to providing customers with rapid and sustainable maintenance and improvement results

our customers include abb, arnovigens Chenming special paper, Arkema, Fengyuan grat lactic acid, Danieli, Datong Aibixi, Wanguo paper, kenos, Sino French water, Swire Shengda, Guodian, Sichuan Lutianhua group, etc

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