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Siveco joined hands with onepoint to assist small and medium-sized industrial enterprises to optimize their maintenance and management work

as a leading maintenance consulting company in China, siveco China announced a cooperation agreement with it service provider onepoint to help small and medium-sized enterprises obtain more benefits through the implementation of coswin maintenance and management system. Usually, small and medium-sized enterprises will think that the so-called solutions are too advanced and luxurious for them, and they are generally unwilling to invest in this aspect. Instead, they prefer to use self-developed simple systems based on Excel or access, or choose to implement some low-cost software. However, because such system suppliers generally lack the qualification to provide high-quality technical support, these projects inevitably end in failure

"if you can think that it is not necessary to implement coswin because the enterprise is too small, please think twice." Mr. Bruno lhopiteau, general manager of siveco China, who has worked in China to maintain the market for 12 years, said. "Through the cooperation with medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, it is proved that the return on investment (ROI) life of our project is generally less than one year, and the implementation results are consistent with those in large factories. Compared with large group companies, small and medium-sized industrial enterprises lack sufficient economic strength, so they can only optimize enterprise operations by limiting capital expenditure (capex) and constantly improving maintenance work."

this cooperation between siveco and onepoint aims to provide pre configured and complete coswin maintenance solutions for small-scale maintenance teams of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the project, onepoint technical experts with coswin qualification will be responsible for installing the system, establishing a factory database, adopting glass fiber reinforced thermosetting materials for the cylinder block, training users and providing long-term technical support. Siveco will send a maintenance expert to participate in the project to ensure that the maintenance solution provided meets the industrial needs of customers

onepoint China is one of the latest members to join the siveco China high value added partnership project (VAPP). The VAPP project started in 2006 and aims to provide customers with more opportunities to learn about siveco's well-known solution coswin. At the same time, the test repeatability is high in industry and regional channels; The latter is cheap, and with the strong technical support of siveco, it provides a wide range of business opportunities for benefit sharing among partners

about onepo supporting a group of associations and intermediaries specialized in serving new material enterprises int China

onepoint China is a branch of French onepoint group established in China. Founded in 2002, the group has more than 500 employees worldwide. The group is famous in North America and Europe for its professional IT services

onepoint provides a full range of IT services to local and foreign (European and American) enterprises, such as software development, technical consulting, system integration, scheme outsourcing (including design, development and Implementation), testing, support and maintenance services. The industries involved include high-tech, e-commerce, finance and insurance services, telecommunications, logistics and retail, etc

about siveco China

siveco is the first property management and maintenance management system MMS (also known as EAM) supplier in Europe, with more than 82000 customers in more than 60 countries around the world. Siveco's business in 35 listed steel enterprises in China is based on three industries: manufacturing, infrastructure and property management. By implementing innovative maintenance management solutions, siveco helps enterprises optimize their asset structure and reduce their operating costs while improving equipment safety

Founded in 1986, siveco group is headquartered in Paris, France, and its R & D center is located in Montpellier, southern France. Siveco's global customers include EDF, GDF Suez, Danone, Athens Olympic property, Singapore metro, etc., one of the world's largest power companies

in 2004, siveco China was established in Shanghai, and now has customers including Beijing Oriental Plaza, Saint Gobain group, IKEA, Arnold Wiggins Chenming special paper, Danfoss group and so on

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