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The situation found that it has strong conductivity and a variety of geometric forms. Global forestry enterprises may usher in a period of performance growth.

release date: Source: China Wood information

Moody's recently released a report that the revenue prospects of forestry companies have improved, boosted by the rising prices of wood and wood products. According to the report, the overall outlook of the global paper industry, packaging industry and forest products industry has changed from negative to positive

the reason why the optimistic view on the prospects of the industry has changed is that the market expects that the comprehensive operating income of 41 paper and forest products companies rated by Moody's global rating will increase by 6% to 8% in the next 12 months, which can directly produce exterior, interior and functional parts for vehicles

Moody's said that by region, the comprehensive operating income of timber producers from North America and Latin America is expected to increase by 12% and 9% respectively, while the comprehensive operating income of producers from Europe will decline. This is mainly driven by the current peak price fluctuations of most wood products in North America and the expectations of analysts from rating agencies for a slight rise in pulp prices in the global market

it is expected that as the global economy recovers from the covid-19 recession, the demand for most paper and forest products will increase in 2021, ed sustar, Moody's senior vice president, said in a statement

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