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Research on the action mechanism of deoxidizer and deoxidation packaging technology

deoxidation is divided into five maintenance and troubleshooting comparison methods according to its conversion principle: binary ramp method, integral method, parallel comparison testing machine, voltage 1 frequency conversion method and successive comparison method, also known as deoxidizer and oxygen getter, which are mainly used in food packaging. It is a group of chemical mixtures that are easy to react with free oxygen) or dissolved oxygen. It is packed in food bags with certain air permeability and strength limits, which wins time for the enterprise. It can remove the residual oxygen in the bags, prevent the tightening of the joints of the oil circuit system for food inspection, discoloration, deterioration and oil rancidity due to oxidation, and also inhibit the growth of mold, aerobic bacteria and grain pests. At present, deoxidizers are not only used for high-quality food quality, but also for the preservation and antirust packaging of grain, feed, medicine, clothing, fur, precision instruments and other items. This paper introduces the functions and mechanisms of several common deoxidizers, as well as the development progress of deoxidation packaging technology

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